Panda-ring To China?

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    Panda-ring To China? - Forbes

    Federal Express is firing up the FedEx Panda Express, a Boeing 777 that this week will fly two special passengers for free on a 14-hour flight from Washington, D.C. to Chengdu, China. "We are honored to serve as the trusted carrier for Tai Shan and Mei Lan's journey to Chengdu and to play a role in supporting the preservation of this endangered species," trumpeted David L. Cunningham, Jr., FedEx's president of Asia-Pacific.

    Talk about a panda-hugger.
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    Ah, yes, the FedEx PR machine operating at full speed ahead!! We can afford to fly 2 freaking bears on an otherwise empty airplane and take the hit just to show that "FedEx Cares". If one of us needed to be flown somewhere in order to save our life they'd just say "sorry". I noticed recently that UPS wasn't going to do these PR stunts any longer. Too bad we aren't that smart . You can bet that this will be plastered over the TV and incorporated into our corporate propaganda videos for in-house forced indoctrination. I hope they crap all over that nice new 777.
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    Let it also be noted that I used the line "pandering to the panda crowd" a few days in another post before this forbes article came out. I think this writer owes me an apology