Paradise Point Bushwacker

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    One of our best times on vacation was at Paradise Point on St Thomas. The view was sensational! We sat on a deck overlooking the island. The bars signature drink was a Bushwacker, and we had several. I got the recipe, and after an expensive trip to the packy we tried it out. Came out GREAT, strongly recommended!

    2 oz dark rum
    6 oz Baileys
    4 oz amaretto
    4 oz Kahlua
    2 oz vodka
    4 oz dark creme of cacao

    Blend with crushed ice, top with whipped cream & sprinkle with a little nutmeg.

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    Can I just say that down here, where I live, a "bushwacker" means something entirely different. The details are not important, but let's just say that it may or may not involve a ton of alcohol, but it most certainly involves a ton of courage.

    edit: I'll be sure and try the drink, though.
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    Bloody Bill, is that you???