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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by rlberry86, Dec 7, 2009.

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    I must say Ive been with UPS for 6 months now and so far the company is not living up to hype. I knew coming in that it was hard work and expected that but I had the impression that the benefits of working here was better than the actual work. I understand the contract that was signed doesnt change anything for employees that were there already but NO consideration was taken for new hires. Not getting benefits for a year and 18 months for spouse or children is RIDICULOUS. Recently we got two days off for thanksgiving which i would have rather just had one off if I knew I wasn't getting paid for two days. Which is crazy seeing as though ALL THE SUPERVISORS THOUGHT YOU GOT PAID HOLIDAYS AFTER 6 MONTHS and I got paid for the 4th of July and for a family funeral. The 3.5 guaranteed has not been guaranteed. I havnt seen the contract so I dont know the specifics but from looking at posts it seems we should be getting 3.5 whether we work it or not. Were usually done by 2.45 or earlier when its not peak season and our checks reflect 2.45 not 3.5/ Whats up with the 3.5 guaranteed? Not to mention I've been told to watch my checks carefully because UPS is good for changing start times so they can make there goals. I mean if I clock in at 11:00 start time and work 15 min I want to get paid that 15min and not get my start time pushed to 11:15. Retention rates for UPS will always be high because of the work but the benefits/holiday pay will continue this high retention rate for the next 5 years. MY FIRST BLOG AND MANY MORE TO COME.
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    wow. take a deep breath.

    you can file a grievance for not getting your required hours. If you are that unhappy there i dont see why you shouldnt go find a better job.
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    You have to ask for more time, if they tell you they have no work for you and send you home you can file a grievance and get paid. If you voluntarily leave and don't even ask about it you won't get anything. Enjoy the target on your back and you might want to read the contract before you do anything so you can defend yourself. Also, high retention rate? ***, do we work for the same company?
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    (1) like others said, you must request 3.5 hours.
    If you go home voluntarily, then you do not get 3.5 hours. If you request 3.5 hours and they say no, go talk with a shop steward and bring them into the equation. Have a steward explain to your sup you want 3.5 hours minimum. If that does not work, file a grievance with the steward and you will be paid all missing hours.

    (2) You only get paid from your start time. If you start at 11 and your start time is 11:15, you work for free.

    (3) You should not get paid holidays until (1) one year of employment, as you were hired under the NEW contract.
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    Rlberry86, ask your Steward for a copy of the Contract if you don't have one already.

    In the meantime start reading the Master Agreement and your regional Supplement online here . . .

    Article 22 deals with part-timers.
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    As above your 3.5 is guaranteed if you ask for it and work the time.Keep in mind they can keep you longer than that if you push the issue i.e. you stay as long as they want, you don't stop working @ 3 1/2.
    The pt sups not knowing about the contract does not suprise me they just do what the FT sups/mngrs tell them.Find your steward introduce yourself and ask the important questions.
    Start times cannot be changed without appropriate notice again see your steward
    I agree with the benefit issue. It is goingto be difficult to get and retain people. Perhaps what the company wants is a pool of low cost labor they turn over every year. Cannon fodder
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    The 4 day weekend at Thanksgiving gives everyone a chance to spend time with family and recharge before Peak starts.
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    Correction: Thanskgiving gives senior drivers a 4 day weekend to spend with their families. Some of us still have to work. :knockedout:
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    Read the contract and your local rider. If you don't like the rules you can always go work somewhere else.
  10. drewed

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    some guarantees are 3
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    Always, always, ALWAYS keep up with your time. A few months back I got ripped out of about $30.00. Thank goodness I had been keeping up with my time, they paid me for it. It happened again on another occasion, about $15.00...which not much but still...fifteen bucks is well, fifteen bucks :) Last peak and the ones before, I paid no attention to keeping up with it. Makes me wonder how much money I got screwed out of. This peak I will keep up with it, especially when we start working all those crazy hours. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS keep up with your time :) ....
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    Dont touch a box or do anything until your start time. If management asks you, tell them you are off the clock. Your not their to work for free.
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    .....or better yet, do what most feeder drivers do and stand by the timeclock until it reflects your start time and THEN walk to your work area.

    I don't feel safe/protected walking around the facility off the clock.
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    I started 2 years ago, I had to wait about 4 1/2 months to get my benefits. If I didn't start the week before Peak I would've had it in 3 months but I agree 100% I have some new hires on my belt that have to wait one year to get their benefits. It just doesn't seem right. The reason why most people work part time at UPS is for the insurance and that it pays for your school.
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    Article 22​
    Part-Time Employees
    Section 5. Wages
    (d) All part-time employees governed by this Article shall be provided a minimum daily three and onehalf​
    (3-1/2) hour guarantee
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If you are asked to leave before the 3 1/2 hours and you say yes you forfeit the guarantee.

    If you are asked to leave before the 3 1/2 hours and you say no they will find something for you to do or will pay for the 3 1/2.
  17. PT Stewie

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    You are very cruel. Some of us have to work Black Friday,Christmas Eve( you reminded me that it's not a paid holiday on another thread),and News Year Eve.But guess what US?
    I just had my knee scoped and will be missing the rest of peak.First holidays home with family in 12 years.
    Will not be marching down Broad Street in the Mummers Parade this year.
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    agreed. each job is getting harder but simpler. since preloaders dont have to memorize routes, you can take someone off the street and have them loading in 10 min
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    first go get a pocket calendar they good for two years. Second make sure you know when your start time is that is each day ie. when you start getting paid and when you should start working then write it in your calendar for that say. You may punch in before your start time but you don't have to work. Third if they ask you to leave before your 3 1/2 hours and you don't want to speak up tell them you want your gauranteed 3 1/2. Final write down when the time when you punch out. When you ge tyour check the next week see if the number s add up if they don't tell your SUP. If they won't do anything about it file a grievance
  20. UnsurePost

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    Right. I tell every new-hire to keep track of their minute and hours. Not because I am smarter than they are, because I was once dumb enough not to myself and probably lost quite a bit of money in the early years.

    Never again! Have caught probably 8-10 "payroll errors" in the past 5 years alone.