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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by browned out, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. browned out

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    PAS is finally on its way to our center. The PAS team is here and we are to go on PAS in March or April. Any premptive tips or advise to make an easier transition? Do they rebid routes? Do I have a say in how my route is looped? Any Info regarding all assets of PAS would be greatly appreciated.

  2. 25yrvet

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    Introduce yourself to the PAS 'team' asap. Offer to help them with any looping questions and offer up some suggestions. Let them know of any Apartments, offices (suites), multiple stop bldgs on your area. Be very specific (anal) about details, example--High to low, odd side of street, etc
  3. rapidrandall

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    If your route changes by over fifty percent from what you bid you can follow either portion or bump a lower seniority driver on a route of your choice. All route changes done with PAS are considered permanent. My route was split three ways and changed over one hundred percent from what I bid and I bumped onto another route.
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    Excellent advice 25 year vet. My last assignment at UPS (in 2003) was on the PAS team and driver involvement is imperative.

    As you've probably heard on other PAS threads many areas had to be redone and there have been many delays because of the lack of communication. :cool:

    Talk it up!!
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    Yes that is true. Driver involvement is imperative.
    My diary of PAS: (go to next topic if you get bored with long stories)

    Our PAS team promised we would meet with them to go over our routes when they were re-looped. Behind schedule, they gave up, and didn't give a s&^t about including us-just rushed to get it online. All of "us drivers" asked numerous times how our routes would change, and gave up. I showed up the day I went "live" on PAS, and had 150 business stops, along with 50 resi stops. I missed a few businesses. Things were a mess in our center. Center manager, along with onroad sups were fired.

    Just in time for peak, we got a new management team. They did their best to deal with peak, which they did.

    Fast forward to today. Yes, things are not as good as they could be. The managers were left with one hell of a mess. We are gradually fixing the problems, and the managers are willing to listen to our suggestions.

    As mentioned, driver involvement is imperative.
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    They haven't implemented PAS yet round here, they are stumped.. the system says we should be running about 5-10 more routes in the center... haha... can't wait.