Pastor may give sermon on ups nazi like tactics

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by saintteamo, Aug 25, 2002.

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    MY local christian pastor is considering giving a sermon on corporate greed ,dishonesty etc including discussing a specific case at ups. The case involves a heroic Joan of Arc like reformer in Vermont. Ups hates her so much that it has been telling her pre load co workers that they are being subjected to extreme accountability including warning letters,suspensions and discharges just so that they can fire her without her having a defense of unequal treatment. The pastor agrees with me that this resembles the nazi's in world war two countries that were occupied lining up innocent citizens to shoot and blaming it on the heroic underground resistance fighters, in order to attempt to hinder the resistance movement.Hopefully he will make this sermon soon ,so that we can send copies of his sermon to christian churches,organizations and publications around the country to follow suit.WEwill also ost his sermon and encourage brother Hoffa to print it in the monthly Teamster publication.
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    What planet are you from?
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    What a coincidence, deliver man....I was just watching a movie by that same name!
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    Yor pastor appears to be as idiotic as you are.

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    ....knowing I will regret asking this......

    Your pastor has information about a specific incident in Vermont??? AND hes comparing a person involved to Joan of Arc???

    This board gets weirder every day.....
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    even worse, over9five, the company is being compared to Nazis!!
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    And yet we all keep coming on here huh....Once again...the name calling,as I too am quilty of this...I now have come to realize how rediculas it is to do that! I would like to state for the record..."I do hereby appologize for any and all name calling I've done to any one on this board." This is a "public" board right? We are all entitled to our own opinion...thank God for free speech.....and the price of that freedom also includes the hearing of name calling I guess. Reguardless of what anybody says on here...deap down we all already know the truth. It's just to hard for alot of people to accept. The truth alway's has been and alway's will be to hard for people to accept. (what this has to do with this gentleman's sermon about joan of arc...I don't know!)
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    Saint Teamo when will you post the results of your p/t t-shirt campaign. Why do you avoid this question? What are the proceeds of your sale and who is holding the money?
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    UPS culture has been praised many times. It's also been questioned, even criticized. But we don't apologize. Nor do we fool ourselves into thinking that our culture is right for everyone.
    ~Jim Kelly ~
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    I am supplying the pastor with just undisputable facts and figures about ups. Further I suggest he doesnt mention ups or any other corporation by name. However I ask him to use the facts and figures that will let the informed reader to clearly know he is talking about ups.Every action that can be taken to put public opinion in favor of reform at ups must be taken. It is long overdue. Comparing ups mgmt style to nazi's is not new.It is the natural comparison that comes to the mind of un ion officials and intelligent educated ups employees especially shop stewards that have not been subjected to mgmt brainwashing (traing school ) It is also used in a book entitled ups expose written by a driver.etc.Jim Casey was a brilliant master manipulator of men that should not be praised for the dehumanizing nature of the corporation he created. The ends dont justify the means. The accurate moral comparison of ups current conduct in the Vermont case is not cheap name calling but neccessary education of mgmt and hourly to face the areas of needed reform at ups. Like the post on deprogramming of Jar Head bob, the reader should respect the clear moral message sent rather than attack it mindlessly. My intention is to make ups which is in many ways a fine corporation face honestly it's negative side ,so it can reform to be a mostly positive corporation within reasonable standards.Unfortunately upper mgmt and the ups board of directors fears ending the lower mgmt brainwashing and reprehensible Vermont type tactics will hurt the bottom line. I think there is room for mgmt accountability and committment to human decency and social responsibility without jepordizing competitiveness and profits.
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    Whoa! Saintteamo...thats some deap stuff man. ups like any other corporation will always have its negative's for all involved to deal with. All in all, ups is a great company to work for, people that apply for work here know that it's hard work. I believe that it's more of just a case of some bad apples in the lower management positions that make it bad for the little guy....not so much a corporate level problem. It's those power hungry wannabee's that think in order to get promoted higher up, you need to make all the people around you as miserable as possible, and this they do, and do it very well.
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    UPS mule, Thanks for your honest feedback. However from my eight years as a shop steward and having ups mgrs at higher levels loan me the policy book,Caseys books and other literature along with open discussions with while drinking I am certain the negative aspects run from top down. Rotten through the core. Ups does indeed have many fine points including excellent service and excellent wages/benifits for drivers. However some of the other aspects which Casey and henchmen created are very reprehensible. Thats why the quote from Casey tries to pooh pah them and as k mgrs to ignore and not appologize for same even though reprehensible and un acceptable to most of society if examined .UPS is not an island by itself but part of society. Disguising negative wqith slick positive terms/language etc does not chand reality as Jar Head Bob was faced with in the other post about deeprogramming him.
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    Kimberly how much did you victimize the part-timer for. Where are the proceeds from your T-shirt sale. Do you realize you can't speak of morality and honesty until you account for the profit you made off part-timers?
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    With all due respect to all the good Christians on this board, I for one think that all of the good Cristian pastors have enough to do cleaning up their own backyards with out going to corporate America to look for more probems. Tell your pastor if he wants something to do, I'll send him a list of the churches shortcomings. Is this a Christian "jihad" against the "evil" corportations?
    I do not wish to offend anyone but all this Nazi, Joan of Arc, holier than though crap associating ups with nazis is to much. If Saint would like we could post some of Christianities shortcomings. I am sure there are valid complaints with peoples treatment at ups but I for one think it is no place for a meddling pastor and his steward like disciple Saint teamo.
    I don't know what happened to make a saint like you hate so much that you would compare anything to nazis and carry your hate to your church.
    Sieg Hiel!!!!!
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    To all corporate greeders,

    Please place your hands on your computer screen and you shall be healed! ....... Thank you. Please send me 20 bucks. Al Sharpton for President in '04.
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    This sermon may prove rather interesting. How would one tie in greedy UPS and the Brown machine with an alter call? [​IMG]

    Let us now stand and sing, We Shall Gather at the River, to wash this Brown crap off of us![​IMG]
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    I hear voices also. They tell me to get the hell out of this whacked out discussion and go to bed.
    Go to work people. Let's try playing some poker tomorrow night and forget about all this poo-poo going on here. Hope to see ya'll in Poker Planet.
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    As the daughter and grand-daughter of WWII victims, You make me sick, Kim. If you can't see the difference between an 11 hour planned day and watching your children being gassed,you are seriously deranged. Any pastor who doesn't deserves nothing less than losing his church and his credentials. Show your face around my center, Kim, and this old OMS will drop you like a bag of trash on collection day. You make my stomach turn. (I just reread my post, think I ought to edit out the part about popping him, but I can't. If you need to Cheryl, no hard feelings. I promise it's the last thing I'll say to Kim, and never another violent peep out of me will be heard.)

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    It was sincere and since Kim believes in harrassment techniques such as hounding a manager at this home, I'm sure it(Kim) will appreciate them.
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    Why does anyone waste their time reading anything she has to say ? She has proven her self to be a complete maroon. Ignore her posts and move on.