Paul McCartney disses former President Bush

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by ups1990, Jun 10, 2010.

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    Listen Sir. Mr Bush, was said to have read many books during his 8 year tenure at the White House. First lady Bush, was a former school teacher and Librarian, I have a feeling W, set foot in a library or two. Please ,sir, don't come over to our country and disrespect a former commander in charge by attacking their character, we can disagree on policy but remember what our current President said, you know the one you adore so much, Mr Obama. He said, that we should respect each other more and keep the discord and the level of hate down. Sir, did you not read this anywhere?
    Americans, should send Clint Eastwood across the pond to make a few comments about the Queen.
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    He's a dung beatle !!
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    Boris Johnson tells Barack Obama: Stop bashing Britain

    Nicholas Cecil, Chief Political Correspondent
    Senior Tories today warned Barack Obama to back off as billions of pounds were wiped off BP shares in the row over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
    Mayor Boris Johnson demanded an end to “anti-British rhetoric, buck-passing and name-calling” after days of scathing criticism directed at BP by the President and other US politicians.
    Former Conservative Party chairman Lord Tebbit branded Mr Obama's conduct “despicable”.
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    Just so you know, I'm ashamed Paul McCartney is from Liverpool.
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    I don't know who said Mr Bush spent many hours reading books at the White House, but I don't think Dr Suess and The Berenstain Bears count... lol

    I know it's a photo-shop pic, but just couldn't resist

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    Karl Rove & Geo. Bush had a wager as to who could read the most books in a year......and Bush had something like 80 and there was a lot of political biographies, not just 'fun' books.

    How many books do you read in a year ????.

    I intend to read many, but never seem to get beyond the newspapers, the rags, crosswords and magazines. The book I have waiting on my table is titled Scientology- Abuse at the Top.
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    Your book sounds interesting.....I heard L Ron's great grand son on an interview talk about Scientology. I'm sure his accusations are not plastered on The Church of Scientology's brochures.....

    Anyway, I read about 1 book a month....I like, Dan Brown, Stuart Woods, Patterson, and believe it or not, Jimmy Buffet writes a good book. Glen Greenwald's politcal books are good, crossword puzzles, and I'm currently reading a survivalist instruction book....My time is limited, (I'm not retired) as was Pres Bush's I thought. You know, with all those wars, debt, bailouts, torturing, spying on his own citizens, kissing and holding hands taking strolls with Saudi Prince's in the rose garden, how did GW make time to read 7 books a month ? Let's see approx 8 hrs/per book times X 7= 56 hr's. That means he took his mind off the job at hand 56 hr's a month, thats more than a week's vacation each month Bush was in office....That is of course going by your data....
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    Live and let live or live and let die!
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    This is how Obama reads:

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    Kind of disturbing that you are lookin in the bedroom of two young girls to be able to tell us this.
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    You really had to dig deep for that one.:wink2:
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    No I didn't. They just come to me. It's a gift.:happy-very:
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    Paul McCartney.........Yawn
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    Yeah, Sir Paul, next time just write a song for the Dixie Chics ! :)
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    Sir Paul, so the queen missed with that saber, eh?
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  17. The Other Side

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    Who hasnt bashed BUSH on this planet?

    He has been bashed by foriegn leaders, sports stars, movie stars, rock stars, enemies and regular americans. BUSH will continue to be BASHed by all people on this planet for decades to come.

    He brought it upon himself.

    His legacy will remain and be spoken of for years, as he is the 21st century's version of Herbert Hoover. BUSH brought the world down into a global recession and almost a global depression.

    There is no justification of his performance as president, unless a person is completely clueless of the facts of his leadership.

    I for one, will continue to highlight his failures and those defenders of his performance will remain tied to his legacy.

  18. over9five

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    I mean...what, the President of the United States couldn't get anyone relevant for that event?

    GAWD, it was painful watching the fool mouth "Michelle, my belle" to his wife as the other fool sang.
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    ummmm, you forgot to say that GWB, is personally responsible for the total destruction of mankind and the end of the world.
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    You've made your mission clear.......your agenda is set and you can't change, so your point is clear, no need to post any further. Thanks for playing!