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    Good Morning to all.
    Have a quick question....
    I started as a "part-time air driver", or should I say I was hired as one....things changed, and was put in's been 5 months aprox.
    I started with base rate, and gradually reached 12.50 usd, but this Friday I looked at my pay check and saw that the pay-rate went down to 10.00 usd....I am not sure if this is an error, or if someone did screwed up my pay rate at first, and now changed it.
    Anyhow....should I ask my Supervisor, or is there a phone number specifically for payroll questions????
    Thanks in advance guys.
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    HDM, Start pay for PT Air with seniority is 12.50.
    Preloader sorter is 10.00 start with 90 calender days.

    What job are you actually doing?
    Did you ever do PT Air?

    They may have been over paying you if you have only been doing preload sort.

    It's a crap shoot, ask the sup and you may stir it up that you will have to pay back or they may have already discovered it and you will not recieve your yearly raise untill it's paid off.

    If your doing PT Air and preload then you are entitled to the higher rate.

    I looked thru the contract real quick and the Articles that cover it are Art 22 Sec 5 and Art 40 Sec 6

    Good Luck T251
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    Thanks for the fast reply my friend.
    This really sucks.
    I was hired as a part-time air driver....but been doing the Preloading actually.
    Last week I was promised air driving, after Pre-load....just same promises.
    And, now this.
    So, I will have to pay them back????....ja ja ja ja....they keep screwing things up since the day I was hired.
    Nice management.
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    If it's determined that ylou were overpaid, they will just hold back on your raises until it balances out.

    That how most areas handle overpayment. You might want to ask around and see if that the situation.

    Sounds like you were hired in an Air drivers slot but moved to preload to fill a shotage. Being new and not knowing they took advantage then figured out thery were overpaying you.

    Don't qoute me as to that what happening, but it sounds like it.

    Hope this helps