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    Help! Can anyone help me? I was a sup. back in November and got promoted to driver. I know that I'm considered an outside hire. I cannot get any help from my steward on how the pay increases work until I peak. Am I supposed to be getting increases every six months, every year, etc.? I've been driving since November and I have not had an increase? Help! I don't see it in the handbook. Your help would be greatly appreciated.:thumbup1:
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    i was also a sup that became a driver. u start at 14.70 until u qualify then jump up to 15.70. after a year from start date u go up to 16.80. then after another year you go to 18.90 which is where i am now. then on you 30th month u get the big pay raise top rate which is 28.18 in our area. keep in mind u do not recieve any COLA (cost of living) raises until you reach top rate:crying:
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    Congrats!! That's what I call a true promotion.:wink:

    Sorry...can't help you with pay scale. But welcome to the side that makes this company money, instead of costing it.