peak season means "free period", what exactly does that mean?

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    I went driving on October and finished my "30 days" right before peak, my sup said " I am in" however, I will not be able to get my seniority day till the first day I work next year, how does this work? I know I cant take vacations for a year, however, does this "year" start counting after my 30 days or till my seniority day? that would mean i wont be able to do it till January 2015? what about that raise we're supposed to get after we get seniority? will I get that now since technically I am over my 30 days., im confused:ashamed::ashamed::anxious::anxious::biting::biting:
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    You have too get 30 working days in before nov 1st so that's 6 weeks of work. Don't believe your sup, was it a permanent bid? If so, the first day of your school will be your seniority date once you get your 30 days in a 90 day period. So if you started your driver school on October 1 you would have 23 days in so far because November and December are free period. Then you would need 7 days after Jan 1 , then you seniority date goes to October 1. Hope this kinda helps its gets very confusing when you start this late in the year. Like I said don't listen to your sup talk too your union steward and if he or she don't know call your local. Good luck and don't get overwhelmed. One stop at a time.
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    The "free period" means all UPS management are now doing hourly work. From PT sups double shifting on the sorts to On Road Sups running their own routes. Even had an OMS and PE sup and the safety manager in Browns.
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    That right there is straight messed up..... blood boiling angry right here.
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    Are you an off the street hire or moving up from PT? If a pt your vacation time would have been earned from the prior years work and you would be allowed to take it at the time you chose your vacation weeks as a pt, at least in my local.
    Your FT date would be when you entered the driving process, your FT pension date would be Jan 1st as the date you began driving was too close to the end of the year, once again at least in my local.
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    Depends if you were an inside hire or outside hire. DSM is right if you came up from the inside. If you a new hire off the street then your sup is correct.
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    And still falling further and further behind.
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    Part of the plan.
    Are there drivers laid off?
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    Using every body they can find. Even saw LP sup in brand new browns
    Using every body they can find. PT air, and people I have never seen before. Even LP sup in brand new browns. Former twi PT sup. Bet he was a lot of help. Free Period.
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    That a good point. Yet, there still a grievance in there for the balance of available hours. Driver that worked 55 hours and can work to 70 have 15 hours of supervisor working time to collect on. Its no fault of there's that working management was the plan all along and has been for 100+ years.:money:
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    Does it matter whether the driver really wanted to work those additional 15 hours? In my center the drivers would just as soon do their work and go home.
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    Some driver report to work then go home when they are over staff. Drive all the way there then go all the way home with no pay. I can't speak for everyone's decision making process but as for me? I'll take the money every single time. I rather work for it but if that's they way they want to play I'll play.
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    Our start time is 8am on Monday. 14 hours would put us at 10pm. 45 minute lunch thrown in pushes that back to 1045pm. I'm sorry, but there is no way in hell I want to go in to work for 8am and leave at 1045pm.

    There is more to life than money.
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    Well its only for 5 day a week. Heck you get your weekends off and up to 7 weeks vacation. I like to travel in comfort around the world and that's quite expensive. I also like to go on hunting and fishing trips which are quite expensive. So I guess its all how you look at it. I know plenty of drivers who race home, microwave a hot dog, crack a beer open, and watch TV. Go figure.:dissapointed:
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    (Video starts in :30)