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    I`m new at UPS, started about 2 months ago as a seasonal driver. I think I`m doing well cause i`ve gotten good feedbacks from my manager. Peak season is already here and tomorrow I`ll have 300+ pieces ( usually I had around 200). I didn`t want to ask my manager about this, but what is the point for them about deliveries? They don`t care if you get back to the building at 9 pm but everything must be delivered, or they want it as soon as its possible and I should be back in the building by 6-7 pm even if I have 300+ pieces or I`m gonna get yelled at I was too slow and don`t f..k around? I really dont`t know how it works. Also I gotta prove them I`m fast and I can handle what this job takes, so if I`m lucky I can stay after the season.

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    Safety first, use your methods. It is what it is. Do your best. The Union does not recognize production standards. Do your absolute best and be safe !!!
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    Lucky will be that you find a company that actually gives a hoot about your well being....BC
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    Say what?
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    Take your time. Don't get hurt, don't have any accidents. As an off the street temp driver, the odds of you being kept on after peak are basically zero, as there are probably quite a few year round temp drivers who would get hired before you would get that chance. So, that being the case you should not try to show off "how good" you can be.

    Peak season is the time to make money, not to be efficient.
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    iPad auto correct
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    Welcome to the Browncafe Milsim.
    They realize that the more stops you have,the later you will be.
    Keep in touch with your management team throughout the day if you
    think you have too much work.Remember they will freak out if you
    work over 12 hours,and if you have pickups,your air may have to be
    picked up by another driver to insure it gets to the air sort on time.