Pearl Harbor fact

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    The USS NEVADA Battleship
    Sunk in shallow water by torpedoes and bombs.
    On February 12, 1942, the NEVADA was refloated and sent to drydock No. 2. There the ship was repaired to be seaworthy for the voyage
    to Puget Sound Navy Yard, Washington. It arrived on May 1, 1942, and was reconditioned and modernized. In late December 1942 it rejoined the Pacific Fleet.

    The USS CALIFORNIA Battleship
    A few days after the attack the ship was evaluated for salvage and repair. The immediate need was to lighten ship. All non-essential
    material, fuel, ammunition, machinery and main gun batteries were removed. Salvage workers placed coffer-dams around the ships forecastle and quarterdeck. The ship was placed in drydock No. 2 on April 9, 1942. During this time permanent repairs were made on the structural damage to the ship. In October of that year, it steamed back to the West Coast and underwent further repair work and modernization at Puget Sound Naval Yard. Less than a year later, the CALIFORNIA returned to the fleet

    The USS WEST VIRGINIA Battleship
    Damage to the ship's port side was extensive, and the hull damage was so serious that the vessel proved difficult to raise. The chief
    problem with salvaging the ship was sealing the hull. The use of special underwater concrete and huge patches measuring 13 feet by 50 feet enabled the WEST VIRGINIA to be raised. More than 800,000 gallons of fuel oil was pumped out of the vessel. More than 67 bodies or more were removed from the ship. On May 17, 1942, the WEST VIRGINIA was refloated and entered drydock No. 1 on June 9. Temporary repairs were made at this time to ready the vessel for its cruise to Puget Sound for permanent repairs and modernization. On
    July 4, 1944, the "Wee Vee" returned to the Pacific Fleet.
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    A reminder of what our United States of America endured 70 years ago on an island in the Pacific.

    Thank you for remembering history - for which lessons are easily forgot.
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    Pearl Harbor survivors who lived until their 90s have their ashes interred in their ships - The Washington Post
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    Most of the 12 ships that sank or were beached that day were removed from the harbor, their metal hulls repaired and returned to service or salvaged for scrap. Just the Utah and the USS Arizona still lie in the dark blue waters.
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    I have been on the USS Arizona Memorial twice, its a somber place. Fuel oil still bubbles up to the surface 70 years later. Across the harbor, the USS Missouri is docked, the Japanese formally surrendered on her deck. This week, the remains of five of the survivors will be returned to be with their fallen shipmates.
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    Do they allow people to tour the use Missouri?
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    Yes, its retired and is docked on Ford Island. If you tour Pearl Harbor, its a good idea to get there early in the morning for the Arizona Memorial. The Navy operates a couple of boats that shuttles visitors out to it.
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