Pension Funds Real Estate Business



To those who are vested in your pension plan, chances are part of the holdings are in real estate to diversify the overall portfolio. With this in mind, that shopping plaza, mall, office building, hotel, etc., we frequent or deliver to, may in fact, be owned by your pension fund or as a created real estate investment trust subsidiary to the Fund.

Much to my surprise, I recently discovered a shopping plaza, which I'm quite familar with was owned by the pension fund I'm associated with. The New England Teamsters & Trucking Industry Pension Fund, has a substantial stake in a real estate investment trust known as Heritage Property Investment Trust, Inc. The REIT is traded on the NYSE after their IPO last year. If one is interested in finding the properties they own, click on a state of interest and see what comes up. There could be a mall or plaza you are familiar with.

If anyone is aware of any other pension fund REITS or other properties of interest, please post them. I'll start by saying the Heritage REIT owns the William J. McCarthy building, which is primo real estate in downtown Boston, MA. This office building also serves as the Fund's home office. I think this can be an educational exercise.

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It was said for years that Central States owned a lot of Real Estate along the strip in Vegas. If true the dummies probably sold it before the real estate gold rush in Vegas hit. Just our luck right! But hey, Carey was looking out for us, right? Right? RIGHT? Please, someone lie to me so I'll feel better!