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    httCompensation Arrangements with Named Executive Officersp:// This is the kind of thing that just chaps my arst when it comes to fdx even though its a year old it still burns.Why? All of them almost doubled the bonuses they they got from 2011,and what did we get in March of this year?Um,well the numbers don't support giving a wage increase at this time.We will look at it for October after the 1 st Q earnings.Bla,Bla,Bla,Bla,and Bla again.We should feel good about that 2%,I know right!As you can see by the projected numbers for the boys looks healthy again for 2013.Wed.when the earnings report comes out it will be an interesting one for sure.In a way I hope these five greedy pigs take this company down all by themselves.They sure are on a roll.
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    Their salaries are a pittance compered with their total compensation, which reflects stock options and sales, which is where they make the big bucks. These people are cashing-in while they continue to plunder us for every penny they can get.