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For being on my phone. Outside of MVDC next year is there anything I have to do?

I think you're good as long as you don't get two more, or more, moving violation tickets in the next year. Unless you want to go back to doing inside work. It's a good strategy for folks looking to retire soon.


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You only need to report it if you have a CDL.

If you're an air driver or package car driver, you're fine.

If you're a feeder driver, you need to report it within 30 days.


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For being on my phone. Outside of MVDC next year is there anything I have to do?
It's not a moving violation. You should be okay... But I would try and fight it... Cop May not show or he would have to have seasonal proof. Judge may throw it out sense the fact your job depends on a clean driving record, but like I said it's not a major violation.


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It's not a moving violation.

You are correct. Most states, that have laws against it, do not consider talking on a phone a moving violation, at least not on the first offense.

Air drivers and package car drivers do not need to report it, and it doesn't count against you if you are not a driver yet and are soon to become a driver.

But, if you are a feeder driver, you still have 30 days to report it.

Under FMCSA law, you need to report any violation of any State or local law relating to motor vehicle traffic control, not just any moving violation.