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    This is a question for any IE people out there.

    When a customer ships a parcel they tell our system how much it weighs(or we couldn't bill them) and in many cases how big (cubic inches) it is as well. As a driver I can tell you that weight and size are two major factors in how long it takes me to deliver any given parcel. Here comes the question??? Why is this information not used in: dispatch--so that we can be accurately dispatched with no more than the amount of work that can be done in 9.5 hrs(something that my local management is VERY interested in), and in the final calculation of our planned day? Giving this kind of info to local management would seem to be a no-brainer as it would help them to most efficiently use the manpower and physical resources available to them. Can someone help me understand why a 40+Billion dollar a year company that measures everything to death does not use this information that we collect daily from our customers?!?!
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    Time allowance are determined by averages. It is built in average that all parcels weigh a certain weight.
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    Dan, That's a good question the short answer is because they don't want to, if they did they would have to put in more routes. Why put in more routes if 80% of the workforce goes along to get along ie; work off the clock, skip their lunch, take short cuts, clock out on the way in to make 9.5 ect, ect, ect in my center not only do drivers work off the clock in the morning a handful of them are now driving off the property off the clock before their start time, Ups has pretty much a one size fits all dispatch they want every route to have about 150 stops.. del and pick ups together seem to average 150 total. Oh by the way i don't think ie guys read this board
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    We have several drivers who work before their start time(a couple come in at 7 every day and load their own trucks), and several others clock out before reaching the building every night. Management loves you guys until you get hurt or have an accident in a UPS vehicle "off the clock."
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    Good, concise answer.
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    The short answer is they would have to ad another section to the "Wheel of Dispatch" and buy extra darts which is currently not in the budget. Plus as you may know they don`t like I.E. playing with sharp objects.
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    I'm not in IE but I will say that it would be unusual for UPS to consider doing it that way simply because it make sense to you and I. Remember, they are saving money by no longer even asking our opinion on the ERI survey. I was told by our District Manager years ago that ideas, like yours, must meet one or both of the following criteria.
    1. Does it save money, or increase profit?
    2. Does it reduce work time?
    If you run your idea through this funnel, you can see it only moves the work around in a more fair and even way, which is of little consequence to UPS unfortunately.
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    What is the "average" weight?
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    heavy !!!
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    I.E lets just sum it up for all you ''newbies'' If Carl Lewis ran a route at his Olympic Best,,,,,it wouldn't be good enough for these people!!! Don't pad stops,don't miss pick /ups.. don't have late air, don't be rude to customers and never tamper with A PACKAGE !!!! thats about all you can do,,be honest & do your best its only numbers..
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    The computer also tells them I need 100 stops for 10 hours. Doesn't stop them from putting in 120.
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    had a guy yesterday do 172 stops and didnt even dispatch it was a 7.72 day
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    I think Slowdriver was right. IE people don't read this board. Or they don't have an answer that makes sense. How about any of you other Mgmt guys... Tie? Hoax?... this information really could help make our operation more efficient. I really don't understand... The only things that I can come up with are laziness and a desire to keep the process opaque and manipulable while saying that it is transparent and fair. This is not how a company this successful works.
    Confused and Frustrated
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    This would involve dispatch actually doing something with the information. The preload knows in advance when a large piece stop is on the way. I have seen the printout. Does preload plan ahead for the extra volume? No. At 8:45 the preloader and driver are scrambling trying to figure out where to go with the packages while the Supes are nowhere to be seen.

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    Dude! you made me spit on my screen when i laughed. :rofl:

    The slowdriver had it dead on. Because they don't want to.

    I had the arguement when I first started driving and my first center manager was an I.E. guy. He gave me the same answer that it was "averaged". 11 NDA letters or 11 boxes 4x5 and 65lbs. are the same in the eyes of the diad. STUPID!