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  1. Joopster

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    I've been at UPS 6 years....part time...

    There is an opening for a plant engineer mechanic.


    1. Are they union? If so, are they a part of the same union as package handlers...?

    2. If the above is yes, would I keep my seniority, vacation, pay etc.?

    3. Is there a pay raise involved?
  2. Joopster

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    bumpity bump
  3. raceanoncr

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    1. Yes, they are union. Same union as package handlers.

    2. No, you would not keep your seniority. Only for vacation.

    3. Pay raise? Yes, probably in progression, like everything else f/t.

    In addition:
    Here, you have to wait for all other f/ters in same category to bid.

    Here, you have to pass test, written and dexterity to see if you can actually perform job.
  4. Joopster

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    so another question, if i were to get the mechanic job, and then i wanted to bid back into package car someday....would I have to transfer back to package handler? Then start out at low seniority again?
  5. raceanoncr

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    Once you are f/t, you can bid into another f/t classification ONLY if all other f/ters have been exhausted in THAT classification. You would not have to go back to p/t handler. Keep in mind, I'm only talking about what happens here. What happens in other parts of country are either different or are interpreted differently.

    Your f/t seniority ususally dovetails into the next f/t classification, after you have been qualified after whatever term levels are required.
  6. lou89

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    Here in Louisville once you become a P.E. mechanic that's it, you can never bid into any other classification. Mechanics go through a 2 year progression, start at 70% top rate, then 80%, 90% and finally 100%.
  7. FEGuy

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    #1 Not necessarily the same union. It depends on your location. In some locations, PE mechanics are Teamsters, in others, they are in various machinist unions.

    Please be careful when you make posts. Some people take them as gospel, and are too lazy to check facts for themselves.
  8. Channahon

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    You may want to talk to one of the mechanics in your building to get an understanding of their jobs. The F/T PE mechanics, sometimes work weekends and can get a call after hours to come back to work if a breakdown occurs during a sort.

    You may also want to ask what qualifications are needed to get the position, if any. I am thinking an degree in engineering or attending school for engineering would be in your favor.

    Most mechanics at UPS have a ton of seniority and virtually no turnover until someone retires.
  9. RockyRogue

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    I know in my hub we have a weekend PE guy. My sort runs on Sundays so I see him then. Very competent and knowledgeable of his work. I have no clue if he is union or not. I'll have to ask him if I think of it.

    I really can't speak to the qualifications. My guess would be some Mechanical Engineering studies but beyond that, I have no clue about these positions. -Rocky
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    I would suggest you speak to either a mechanic or management person regarding the position first. Depending on the union (can be Teamster or IAM), will determine your progression. I have mechanics that have switched from the P/T Teamster position to IAM. The way our contract works, they keep company seniority for vacation but their seniority date for bidding becomes the date they gain seniority in IAM.

    Electrical skills are invaluable - it is easy to teach mechanical and difficult to teach electrical skills.

    Good luck.
  11. raceanoncr

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    Uh, notice in my post, I prefaced it by saying, "HERE"? By that I meant, uh, "HERE", that is where I am from!!!!! I didn't say it was the same around all parts of the country!!!

    I thot I was being careful when I said, "HERE"!!!!! I guess not!!!
  12. Here in our district when an opening becomes available they posted a intent sheet for those interested. Then based on seniority F/T before P/T they give the candidate a test of a wide variety of questions mechanical, electrical, and so on, if they pass they get it, if not they keep going down the list until someone does or they exhaust the list where they proceed to fill the position from outside. Same local here, if your P/T you would get a F/T seniority date and number. Also here we do not have classification seniority so you could bid other full time jobs later, just had one come into feeders.
    So, like others said, ask questions of other PE mechanics and if you are still interested ask for any suggestions of study material for the test, here they just love to have everyone fail it so they can hire from the outside.
    Good Luck
  13. Joopster

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    I talked to a mechanic. They said they are a different union.....and from what I understand I would have to quit the teamsters and then be hired on as a PE.

    Forget about it.

    I want to work for UPS for the long haul, I'm not going to throw 6+ years down the tube when it isn't my ultimate goal.

    Thanks for the info everyone.
  14. paphatonjlaw

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    If you have been PT for six years and are low on the list it's not like you're going anywhere. Do you want an article 22.3 job?
    I am a PE mechanic and I used to work in the hub. I had something like four years of seniority and had to quit and all and it was well worth it - I would never go back to handling packages ever.
    If the mechanics where you are at are IAM you'll also more than likely get a very very strong pension, individual to you and only you.
    Do you have the skills to pass the test though? When they test you for the PE Mech job they do a written (Or I should say, now CBT) and a hands on test where you go to the MCC and troubleshoot problems they put in it.
    As far as the study material... I took it on my own and passed on my own. At least you aren't an automotive guy cheating on the test and bumping people out when you dont know what you're doing.
    Also how do you feel about working nights? Most of the low senior people get a TWI or MID/PRE kind of hours.