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    I currently work at the Montgomery,Alabama hub and have been for 3 years. Please forgive me if I do not seem to know alot about the contract. I heard at work since last August we were going to have a new plan,raise,etc. This month we finally got our raise and Tuesday we get our backpay check. They told us at work our insurance was fine and not to worry. Yesterday right before work I got a thick packet in the mail but didn't have time to open it. When I got home I went through it and got a new insurance card and then read the fine print on the paper saying that as of June 1st my insurance was ending..(it might say it includes everything else like medicine cost etc. but if I got hit by a truck and went to the hospital I would not have insurance)I have had the same insurance three years so I don't know what to do, and in all honesty if it is really gone I am not going to work in a cement :censored2:box with rusted equipment for 4 hours barely making anything. almost everyone is there for the coverage.

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    The coverage is changing. You received new cards and there is probably a phone number and or website where you can get more info. Go to the website and get more info.
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    Pretty sure it means the.old is ending and new is beginning.

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    Better to ask forum people than callings the 800 number.