Political Correctness Getting Out Of Hand

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by big_arrow_up, Apr 2, 2007.

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    Oh brother................:sad:
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    And it gets better -

    Some of the books that have been banned recently (or folks have tried desperately to do so) in the U.S. for God's Sake -

    George Orwell's 1984

    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

    Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl

    Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

    The Color Purple

    Gone With the Wind

    The Life and Times of Renoir

    Some of the Little House on the Prairie books

    My Friend Flicka

    To Kill a Mockingbird (MY favorite)

    Where's Waldo?

    And here's the topper, folks.

    Robert Rowen, aged 49, of Boulder, Colorado, took his small child to the Boulder County Library. When they got inside, they were greeted by a 21 ceramic peni- display, which was there to honor Domestic Violence Awareness month. (?)

    Right then and there, Robert packed up the peni-es, stashed them at home and attempted to put an American flag up in their place.

    After a run in with the cops, over the "stolen property",the flag was taken down and the peni-es were reinstated. The reasoning, "If the kids don't like 'em, they don't have to look at 'em".

    THAT is what I call Politically Correct.

    Only in the People's Republic of Boulder.
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    The more we try and apease the Muslims to avoid offending them the more likely their grip on western society will tighten into a strangle hold. If they don't like what is being taught in the schools then they should take their :censored2: back to the desert where they belong.
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    Foreign people keep moving to this country expecting to be accommodated and we accommodate! Why?????????

    I have a friend who is a nurse in the newborn section of a hospital. Due to the demand, this hospital now treats welfare cases almost exclusively. And the rules for the foreign families are, don't walk into a patient's room and attempt to speak English, even though my friend and her co workers often hear the patients and their families conversing in very under-
    standable English. Nope, the doctors and nurses have to enter the room, go to the phone, put it on speaker and hook up with an interpreter. Now what do you suppose that costs?

    Several of my son's friends mothers are K-12 teachers. Many of them have started foregoing their vacations and on their own dime, take Spanish classes all summer so when it's time for parent/teacher conferences, they're not sitting across the desk from parents who can't speak a word of English.

    Half of my new phone books are printed in Spanish.....

    Something WRONG with this picture?????
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    Hey I believe that and I can help explian it. Liberal lawyers and entities (the ACLU is a perfect example) tend to go overboard when it comes to things such as this. They feel that they need to fight other peoples battles. The problem is that in many cases the people they are fighting for aren't even aware of it or don't even care. Take the case of the NCAA trying to ban Florida State University from using the Seminole mascots. The local Seminole community actually came to the defense of the university!

    As far as the links you provided goes....I'm speechless.
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    On the lighter side, this is a tribute to Truman Capote's famous aunt who just passed away and who was never exactly shy about sharing her views on Political Correctness.
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    I'm still wiping the tears out of my eyes from laughing so hard.:lol::lol:

    Wonder what she would have said about that..Yikes..

    Very funny!!:thumbup1:
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    "...and we accommodate! Why?????????"

    I will answer your question with 2 words:

    Liberal Democrats

    They are selling our country out (well, it used to be ours).

    It will only get worse.
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    I would be VERY surprised if this was true.

    Daily Mail has a long history of spouting anti government crap and basically moaning and stirring the whole time. Would wait and see. When you look at the facts all it really says is one school in the north didn't give it as a coursework subject. Any text book that every pupil will be given has it in.
  11. At the other end for devils advocate theres the conservative republicans as well...there are two extremes and they're both a bit ridiculous. I am a democrat myself but I don't buy into this accommodating everyone that moves here. You don't like it, go back from where you came...not trying to sound cold but you don't see us forcing our beliefs on others in their country...ok maybe thats not true either....however when i can't even say merry christmas to someone or have a christmas tree when I went to college because it might offend another person...screw that, I've been celebrating it since I was born, I'm a citizen, lived in this country my whole life, it doesn't offend me when other people celebrate their holidays why the hell should I change. I'm supposed to accept it, but they won't? GO HOME THEN.
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    Who said you COULDN'T say Merry Christmas to people?
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    If the ACLU got wind of him saying Merry Christmas while on the clock I'm sure they'd not only sue him but UPS as well.
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    Would you quit making things up?
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    Quit living in a state of denial.
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    Thanks for this. I will pass it on. Still laughing and will watch it again.
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    If you're privy to a televison or the web, which you are because you're here, you'd know that there was recently a lot of controversy regarding the splendors of saying "Merry Christmas" in public as not to offend anyone.:cool:

    In fact many stores and other businesses refrained from just that as an act of performing their political correct goodwill I suppose.

    "But the "keep the Christ in Christmas" contingent is particularly agitated this year over what its members see as a troubling trend on Main Street: Target stores banning Salvation Army bell ringers; UPS drivers complaining to a free-speech group that they have been told not to wish people a "Merry Christmas" (an accusation UPS denies as "silly on its face and just not true"); and major corporations barring religious music from cubicles and renaming the office Christmas bash the "end of the year" party."

    The above paragraph is a quote from this article:

    'Merry Christmas' - Or No Sale

    In the meantime kids in school may not get to know what a travesty the holocaust was because it might offend some Muslim children in the same classroom.

    Oh yeah, how about all those illegal's coming across the border??

    Whoops, that's another thread!:lol:
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    "(an accusation UPS denies as "silly on its face and just not true")"

    Thanks to this forum, we all know we work for different UPSs. I'm sure some have been instructed not to say "Merry Christmas", while some of us haven't.

    I dimly remember a PCM where it was discussed, but I don't recall being told not to say it. Maybe it was more like, "Be careful who you say it to". I'm really not sure.

    Guess I should pay more attention at the PCM??
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    All I ever saw with that whole Merry Christmas "controversy" was a business making a business decision. That's their right. Just because Bill O'Rielly says it's a war on Christmas doesn't make it true. They could say Merry Christmas or Happy Kwanza, I don't care. Point is, nobody told you that you could not say Merry Christmas.
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    No one has ever told me that I can't say Merry Christmas. I'd like to see someone try. LOL. The problem I have is that groups such as the ACLU are filing federal law suits left and right over religious symbols being placed in parks, war memorials, government building, etc., even though this has been going on since long before the ACLU even existed. They are using the ole "seperate of church and state" arguement but are twisting the constitution (which is what they, and other Liberals, do very well) to make their case. The purpose of the First Amendment was to keep the govermnent from making laws establishing a certain religion. Simply puting a symbol somewhere doesn't mean that everyone has to be a part of that faith. But Liberals judges have made a habbit of twisting the amendment so now the ACLU is taking crosses off war memorials??!!! The crime should be removing them. Not the other way around. Below are some examples of the nonsense. I don't think the goverment, local or national, should be able to establish a religion but they should be able to display symbols when the majority of the population is of that particular faith. If someone doesn't like it then I guess we won't have to worry about them appearing in church to protest. They'll go to their own place of worship. And that is what the First Amendment protects....their right to chose who, and where, they worship. If at all.