Political Future in America

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Nov 19, 2003.

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    Yep . if you like seeing business leave the country increase regulation.
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    Hey Tie businesses are leaving the country, its called cheap labor in China and outsourcing to India. Let me guess if we have more regulation companys will move to Mexico? Oh thats right they already build 35% of domestic cars there!
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    Actually if you were as tuned to conditions and not just allowing yourself to be brainwashed you would know the actual trend among carmakers is to move away from mexico because they don't like the quality.

    How did your research go on momentum logisitcs. Did you ever call their teamster hall to do your research or will you continue to run and hide from admitting you went off half cocked?
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    Once Marshall Law is declared , all voting will be suspended.
    Nancy will be allowed to go back to her winery and the MSM will not know what to do.
    Attention all future rioters; hit the media outlets first. With them gone into hiding, everything will finally be free in America.
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    Well, 17 years later, I predict that will change.
    Look for Trump to put together a council to analyze important and critical needs dependant on other countries.
    Initiatives will be chartered and bills will be created to move these product's production back into the USA.
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    Good necroposting!!!

    @wkmac was always out in front!
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    Old enough for tieguy!
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    Yep ... he always was a dog!

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    unspoken one.jpg
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    I had to go back in the archives and research the unspoken one. Lot of good people have come and gone and added their charm and insight to this board over the years. Ups really does have a lot of great people working for them. Hopefully some day we'll find a good fdxer to revere :)
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