Pondering thoughts


Maybe I`m weird but sometimes I get to thinking about how fast technology changes,and if we could bring former geniuses
back to our time to show them our advances.
OK, take Einstein for example. It would be great to have your 10 yr old son or daughter walk him through the world wide web for the first time.
Beethoven would be blown away by a synthesizer that can replicate the sounds of a 120 piece orchestra.
Doctors would be in awe of the changes from MRI`s to using lasers to improve vision.
I`d love to take Henry Ford for a ride in a tricked out 2007 mustang with all the toys.Then maybe a second ride in a new
mercedes that runs on hydrogen,with water vapour being the only emission.
Alexander Graham Bell would be proud to see where his invention has progressed...
Henry the 8th would be downloading porn!