possible injury going into 30 days

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    My 30 days is coming up to qualify as a FT driver. I drove for a peak one season, so I already have a little experience going into it.
    Anyways, I think I may have a possible fracture in the foot(something isn't right).Just started hurting out of nowhere, after I committed to taking the job etc. I think it may be a stress fracture that finally went, who knows. I would be fine to make it through the first 30 days, but eventually I would need to take care of it.
    The current hub I worked at was over staffed and really didn't need anyone. Anyways, they offered me a full time position at a hub a few hours away. I took it because I have a few friends that live there,also its a lot cheaper to live than where I currently live. The hub is really small (average 25 daily drivers), so if I postpone my 30 days I would probably miss the boat and I also signed my lease already......
  2. Double up on naproxen and tylenol for the workday until you're in and permanent buttercup. Might want to go with tightly lacing boots with good ankle and foot support.

    And go to a doctor. Explain the situation. Once you're in you can FMLA and say kiss my ass as far as I know for the week or two weeks or even month it'll take to recover. We just had a FT guy with about 7 months with the company total tear his meniscus outside of work. He did FMLA/disability and peaced out for a month, covered by insurance and he came back with no hard feelings from management or anyone else.
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    depends where the fracture is in the foot
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    Slap a maxipad on it and keep moving . Don't say anything to anyone until your in the union or your gone .
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    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but we need you to take 20 stops off of Smith when you're done.
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    Does Smith have any snacks for me at the meet point ?