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  1. Joopster

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    I have another issue.

    I started UPS on 6/15/01. I transferred to another hub in Sept. 03.

    For the last five years since I have been there, they have had my seniority posted on the Preload Seniority Board as 6/15/01 although clearly they should have had my transfer date posted there instead.

    I need to find the part in the contract where it states that the company or myself have 30 days to challenge a posted seniority date if I feel or the company felt it was wrong. My dad asked his steward and he said this was the case and that my seniority date for the building should be the date I started UPS because they have had it posted wrong for the last 5 years.

    They are now inquiring about when I made the transfer. Also when they posted February's new list, I was not on it for the first time in 5 years.

    Something shady is going on.

    If I could have a link to the full contract or if someone can give me the section on seniority rights I would appreciate it.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I don't know what you are arguing about. If you transferred and you stayed in the same union Local then you're senority would be from 2001. When you transferred and changed you're local all together, then you would lose you're seniority. Working in this company is all about seniority, if you didn't move Locals, then go to HR at your old building and get copies of your hire date

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Now I see where you are going !:peaceful:

    I was told it was like pulling teeth to change a seniority date. Unless one of your co-workers brought it up in a union meeting, I can't see it could change after 5 years
    If you didn't pay dues to them between 2001-2003, then I guess they don't really owe you any favors
    We have all seen a contract book between the Teamsters and us, but I have never seen one between myself and my Local with this kind of information
  4. Joopster

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    I talked to my Steward today, they are looking into it. It seems to me that UPS Labor doesn't have a date of my transfer. If this is the case, then I should be able to have my hire date as my building seniority.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. Joopster

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    Still no word. What a waste the union and certain selected management are.
  6. UPS Lifer

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    If the company cannot prove your transfer date than your building seniority will revert to your company seniority date. The burden of proof is on the company. They could use payroll to prove it. They may not think of that though. You could also use that if someone else transfers in and another error occurs that puts them ahead of you.

    Heffernan - Company seniority and building seniority are two different things. If you transfer without being forced to transfer you go to the bottom of the center (building) seniority list. This is only for local seniority issues such as layoffs and vacation and job bids. You allows keep your company seniority for benefit purposes such as pension and years of service, etc.

    If you are forced to transfer you dovetail into the center seniority list.
  7. Bad Gas!

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    I keep this page in my favorites to look up contract stuff.You don't have to be TDU...I'm not...
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    Joopster, I am not sure where you are located, but under the Southern Supplement the following is contactual.

    Article 48 - Seniority

    (B) Seniority will be on a Center basis and by job classification. The employer agrees to post on the (1st) monday of January, April, June and October of each year an updated seniority list in each center for that center with a copy to be sent to the local union by certified mail. If no protest is made within thirty (30) days, the list shall stand as correct, unless clerical errors are discovered. The most current seniority list shall remain posted at all times in each quarter.

    I am sure the company will try to pull a clerical error deal, but this is the language in our supplement.
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    Thanks for posting that link. Do you by any chance have a link to the soon to be outgoing master?
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    How long have you been paying union dues?

    Your seniority date as far as PAY, Vacations, benefits is 6/15/01
    You seniority date for bidding on jobs is 9/03
  11. Joopster

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    I understand what the contract says. My problem is them proving it to me.

    I refuse to make up a date.

    Secondly, on the vacation list it shows my CENTER SENIORITY DATE as 6/15/01.

    They :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ed up, not me.
  12. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I've been through all of this. The vacation list says your center seniority date as 6/15/01 because the contract states that a transfer's company seniority date will be used to determine pay and vacations. That is why the vacation list says your original hire date. Mine does as well. On the classification/shift seniority list it says my company seniority date and then to the right always says my transfer date with the phrase "education transfer" next to it.
  13. Joopster

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    That is how it should be.

    My vacation list says Company Seniority and lists my date before the transfer. Then right beside it, it says center seniority date and lists the same date.

    I've contacted two union stewards and the full time sup. If they don't fix it they can lick my balls.
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Just keep in mind that when it comes to seniority for bidding for jobs or extra work it will come down to your transfer date. Not your company seniority. I wish it was always company seniority like they do at FedEx Express. I'd have been full-time allot sooner if thats how it worked.
  15. Joopster

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    Last time.

    I don't know my transfer date.
    UPS has yet to give me one a week and a half into this.

    If they cannot prove what DAY I transferred, then I cannot see how they can just make one up.

    I know how it is SUPPOSED to work, but as we all know this isn't always the case with UPS.
  16. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Sure you know it. It was the first day you reported to work at the current building. Trust me...UPS knows it too. I see where you are going with this. You are hoping that you'll be able to use your company seniority because of a technicality. i was hoping for the same thing but eventually the transfer date showed up on the lists. Yours will too.
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    I don't get why you are arguing this. The day you reported to the new building is your building seniority date. If your trying to "one-up" your fellow union bretheren and leap frog them in seniority by a technicality you won't be a popular guy...........integrity:peaceful:
  18. UPS Lifer

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    Excellent point! Probably not his intent but that is exactly what will happen. Seniority ranks up there in importance along with - pension, benefits and pay! No pun intended.
  19. pkg-king

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  20. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I do think that transfers should retain their seniority ("dove tailed") but only after completing a 6 month or year long probation. I like how FedEx Express handles theirs. They get an employee number when hired and that number follows them where ever they transfer. There is a lady in my area that transfered in from another state and she won the bid (yes, they bid full-time openings even though they aren't union) almost right after she started driving at the station here. FedEx drivers will build up their seniority and transfer to an area they'd like to retire too. I just think their system for handling transfers and seniority is better. With that said.....UPS doesn't work like that and the contract says you go to the bottom of the new location's seniority list. That's all transfers need to know. I went through the same thing. Yeah it sucks knowing that I would have been full-time before a bunch of the guys ahead of me if my original hire date would have counted. I was thinking that today when one of those guys bumped me off a route I like to run. But that's how things are at UPS and there is nothing I can do about it.