Potential new hire, package handler?

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    Hey everyone, this is my first post although I have frequented the site the past month for some insight. I recently went through the application process and subsequent interviews for the pt package handler job. Throughout the tour and the interviews the fact that there is a high worker turnover rate and that the job is physically demanding was reiterated throughout, but I wasn’t discouraged; I am a hard worker and realize this will not be easy work. Moreover, I have 2 years until I am going to med school and the hours (midnight shift), tuition assistance, and benefits eventually, I find appealing. I was told I was hired, however they told me they only hire at certain points in the month so I wouldn’t start for a few weeks. In the time between I filled out additional paper work on site, supplementing the online documents, as well as taking a pic and receiving my id. I was supposed to start Monday but again I was called and told I wouldn’t be able to start until next week, because the trainer who is supposed to train me is out. Up until this point so far its been a good experience, grant it I haven’t actually worked yet, but everyone I have meet has been professional, furthermore I like the few people I have met and look forward to working. I think perhaps that they think I may be a good potential hire but are just waiting until someone quits and there is room for me. At the tour of the facility of about 20 I was dressed business like, fitting for an interview, the majority of the rest were dressed like they just got out of a pick-up basketball game and were goofing around like it was a class field trip, so I stood out I guess. In my actual interviews I believe I represented my self well, so that’s why I came to this conclusion. Which leads me to my question is this wait typical? Should I be concerned that I am not going to be hired and they are just stringing me along? I am curious of any current or past worker’s thoughts. Thanks for your time.
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    Too hard to read. Disregard. Use some puctuation!
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    Okay thanks for your helpful post and insight. I will be sure to “Use some puctuation!”. Either you’re an just an a-hole or trying to get in a flame-war. Perhaps I could have been more succinct and stuck to monosyllabic words. Other than not indenting my paragraphs my post is not littered with punctuation errors and for someone whom takes a couple mins to read easy to follow. It appears posting was a mistake go ahead and disregard, sorry.
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    Brando.Your post was just a run on that was hard to follow.
    If you want to joust with me, bring it on.
    If you want to take some criticism "humbly", then fine.
    My point with your's and many others; is that if it's too hard (or boring by appearance) to read.... I won't.:peaceful:
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    brando, your post was fine. fxdwg prefers mononsyllabic words and responds best to flashcards.

    Your experience is typical and you simply need to be patient.

    You sound like a focused individual who knows what he wants. Stay focused.
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    Welcome to BrownCafe, Brando21!

    And posting was not a mistake. Let us know how it goes!
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    brando 21,

    Welcome to the BrownCafe..

    Pay no attention to the "cyber bullling" tactics...If they continue we will unleash Robo mod!:wink2:
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    Look, I don’t want to “joust” with you, nor do I want to “bring it on” that wasn’t my intention only annoyed that you tried to hijack my thread. Besides, I fear your wit is only rivaled by your pursuit of others to write with exceptional punctuation, which is clearly an admirable and necessary cause on message boards. So you win, can feel better about your self, or whatever else you are trying to gain through that.
    Your credo of avoiding things that are too hard to read or aesthetically boring is awesome by the way, and that still doesn’t even stop you from commenting on them.
    To the others that responded, thanks.
  9. Brando,

    What kind of medicine do you think you will pursue?
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    Yes Its very typical for UPS to "hire you" but the actual working process may come with time...I was hired on at peak season and they kept me...they tell you over and over that the work is physical and it is...the hardest part to the job is the mentaility you have everyday going in...because It being summer now Its going to be hot and somedays it might be miserable, But like Upstate said be paitent getting a job at UPS Is a really smart move...I dont know If this applies to everywhere in the U.S but the benefits wont kick In until 1 year so If Its the benefits your there for because It wont be the pay (trust me on that) you've gotta wait a year but It might vary from state to state I don't know. good luck! and stay level headed.
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    Welcome. Take everyting you read here with a grain of salt. You will find that no matter what you post someone will argue with you. There are many self proclaimed "experts" here. The number one rule to remember is that UPS does not play by the same rules nationwide. What is carved in granite at one center is ignored at another. Pay no attention to us retired people--- we are just here for the entertainment value and to throw a cup of gasoline on the fire every once in awhile. We are easily amused.
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    Hey just interested,
    I’m interested in neurology; specifically, I’m looking into neurosurgery or neuroimmunology. Really, I have to decide on whether I am interested in the science of medicine and want to be more involved in research, or the practice of medicine and be involved in direct care. I currently double major in neuroscience and biology so that is what has peaked my interest in those fields.
    What about you are you just curious or do you have similar aspirations?

    DustinM, thanks for the reply it was encouraging and helpful.
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    Brando, I'm curious, which center did you interview at? If I'm not mistaken, it was the Riverside California hub? (Apologies if I'm mistaken but I think I might have met you there last Thursday).

    But anyway, the reason why the rest of them were wearing casual clothing (i.e. jeans/slacks and T-shirts) is because that is what the appointment guidelines of the Tour/Interview stipulated, because UPS is a very dirty and even dangerous facility and, for example, in event of an accident the jeans/slacks offer more protection than shorts or spandex (just for a hypothetical). Besides that, not too many people would be happy if their expensive work-wear got destroyed or stained by said environment, and ALSO because that is exactly what you will be wearing to work: jeans and a T-shirt.

    And yes, what you are experiencing is absolutely typical of UPS. They (management) do not think it important to keep an open line of communication with their potential and even current employees alike, they do not give you any contact information (on purpose, so that they can't be pestered to death in phone calls by every applicant all day long), and they also believe it's just A-OK to keep potential hires, and even hired people not being put to work, on stand-still for weeks or months at a time without so much as a status report of any kind. It's a waiting "cat and mouse" game with yourself and management - and that never really goes away.

    Basically, if they need you, they will call you - if they don't, they won't. That's just how it is and I speak from two consecutive Peak Seasons of playing this game with them.
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    No it was not at a California hub. I live around the east coast, I don’t want to be too specific, in case someone their reads my post I don’t want it to seem like I was bad mouthing them, which I wasn’t anyway, just confused.

    In retrospect, I realize I may have seemed like a snob when I was describing what others were wearing but I was just trying to come up with a reason why they waited so long to actually start, and put me in the bullpen so to speak.

    A little update….. I have made it through my first week loading and its going well, its hard work but that’s what I expected. I am a little sore but as time goes on I should get used to it. Other than that I haven’t encountered some of the negatives like I have seen posted on the message board, the supervisors and trainers all seem to be good guys. After reading some of the posts that made it seem like all the supervisors were all just pricks, I will be honest I was a little concerned. Moreover, after my first full day Fri after my shift ended my supervisor approached me and said good-job and shook my hand, it may just be BS but little things like that go along way in making the job a good situation and drive me to be a better worker. However, its only been 1 week and not that I am planning on making a mistake, but will see how things change if I do.

    -Thanks for the replies everyone