Predatory Unionism



Thanks browncow for the link. Can't say I'm all that surprised at any of this. The funny thing about Publix however is when they really started to expand into our area a union campaign of boycott took place. I personally never paid it any attention and did shop at Publix when the need arouse. Today I'd be surprised if other than a very small group anyone gives any thought at all to boycotting Publix. I will concur a lack of competition in our Marketplace with the only choices being Kroger or Publix with a splat of Ingles and of course the warehouse deals of Sam's, BJ's and Costco. Walmart SuperStores are starting to grow and impact the grocery business so this will be something to watch. IMO the greatest loss of all and it boiled down to own State legislature serving as good ole boy protector for some and that was the loss of Webvan. The legislature denied Webvan the ability to sale beer and wine and that just sealed the deal for them in our area. IMO Webvan was absolutely fantastic and we used it religiously. Great products, great prices and the convience was outstanding. Gov't too can be an even bigger enemy of the consumer.

As a 20 plus year union member and steward I'm still a believer that the current way of business for unions are outdated and outmoded. I do believe unions can serve it's members in a vital way but at the same time not harm but benefit a company and benefit the consuming public. A 100 years ago unions led a vital charge that did benefit the workplace and in fact put in place elements that even protect management from certain unfair treatment but those days are gone because the union is still in that mindset of years gone by. The question in my mind is will the leadership of unions realize the Horse Drawn Carriage days are truly over and start making a new means of conveyance or will they continue to draw on the deminishing political influence they have and use gov't regulation and protection to keep the horse and buggy business alive.

To my fellow union members, we'd better wake up because if the trends continue those retirements we think will be there won't be because there will be no members or unions to support the funds that produce our retirement checks. JMO.


THe most disturbing part of the whole article is something that I have been "preaching" about for the last 20 years. The unions really dont give a flip about the common worker, its the money stupid! And the power. When unions can organize a company after the workers turn them down, you have the will of a very few forced on the many.

As for gooberment intervention in the beer and wine issue, union officials spend millions on buying the ear of the political machine, and they DO get things in return for that money.