Pregnant-Worker Rights at Heart of Supreme Court Case

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    Pregnant-Worker Rights at Heart of Supreme Court Case - Bloomberg

    A former United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) driver is pressing what may become the most significant case in decades on the rights of pregnant workers as she asks the U.S. Supreme Court to expand protection for millions of women.

    Peggy Young had to take unpaid leave after her doctor recommended she not lift heavy items and UPS didn’t offer alternative work. At issue in the case, set for argument tomorrow, is whether expectant mothers must be offered light-duty assignments on the same basis as workers who have similar limitations because of on-the-job injuries.

    A diverse collection of groups -- comprising the Obama administration and anti-abortion advocates -- is urging the court to require that type of equal treatment. That would extend the reach of the Federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 in much of the country.
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    Did she get pregnant on-the-job?
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    I remember reading about this case...she scehduled an in vitro was a planned pregnancy.