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    Just as background, I have been working as a permanent PT preloader at a fairly small center (about 20-25 routes per day) for about a year and a half now. I am fairly low on the seniority list, but there are now 4 people below me.

    My PT Sup sends out texts every day saying if I am laid off, or what the start time will be. Usually I have to text him to ask, as it gets to be rather late in the day before I hear from him most of the time (typically after 4pm).

    The worst is on Sundays, though, where I may not receive notification that I am working until around 7pm. It makes it very hard to plan for anything by not having notice sooner.

    I have tried searching through the contract, and my supplement (Southern), to find out if there is any requirement for when employees must be notified of the preload start time, but I haven't been able to find any language discussing this.

    I understand, from searching this site, that many centers have their weekly schedules posted on Friday for the following week, but my building does not do this to my knowledge.

    Is there a contractual requirement for notification about start times? I have seen some people on here say the company has to give 24 hours notice, but I can't find it in the contract.

    If this is something that I can grieve, then I want to do that. Mostly, I just want to be given reasonable notice for when I have to work.

    How have others dealt with this issue?

    Thanks in advance for any helpful input!

    Also, I plan to call my BA tomorrow, but I wanted to put it out there to you guys as well.
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    Start times should be posted in advance. I can't believe the people that say a supe will text them their start time. Posting start times protects both the hourly management against any abuse of start times.
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    I know for us, any change in start time is suppose to have a 48 hour notice.
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    If they don't tell you anything, show up at the start time from the previous day and grieve if told otherwise once you get to building. They are suppose to tell you in a "timely matter", which is usually before the end of your previous shift.

    P.s.: I wouldn't answer texts or respond to texts. They need to tell you before you leave work. I'd also change my number and not give them my phone number.
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    Any start time change less than an hour requires 24 hour notice while changes greater than an hour require 72 hours notice.