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    My preload supervisor told our sort that while we are on the preload clock that if we have to go to the bathroom we must first clock out go to the bathroom then clock back in to return to the belt. Do we have to do this this? One of our loaders that has been loading for 20 years, said the reason they do this is because the less ours on the clock it takes to get the sort down the more they make and the bigger their bonus at the end of the year. Is this True?
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    Just ask a different preload supervisor. We seem to have a million of them around. Each one will tell you something different. Ask enough until you get the answer you like.
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    No that is not true, you are allowed to go to the restroom on the clock. If they refuse to allow you, pee all over the floor and tell them you have an unsafe work area, as you had a bio hazard spill. I believe it is actually illigal in most places to not allow an employee to use the restroom, I could be wrong there but it seems I have heard that somewhere.
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    Jeez! Let me guess he was about 19 to 21 years old and wore the polo of the hitler youth.
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    If true, that is just sad. What has this place turned into?
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    Lasted one day here. Don't worry about it.
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    Preload supes are dumb as hammered ****.