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  1. humbleleon991

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    Ill be sarting as a preloader pretty soon and I want to know what to expect, how to do it (and not screw up lol), and any other tips you can give me, THANKS!!!!!
  2. jeffpatterson

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    BOHICA- Bend over here it comes again. Prepare to work your ass off for ****ty pay. You will get zero respect from management. Management does not care about employee safety. However they will write you up if you cant remember a stupid phrase. Seriously good luck.
  3. humbleleon991

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    Yeah im expecting to become just another pawn of the company but I need a job so Im just gonna have to put up with it. Its kinda funny, they've asked me to come up to the hub 3 times in 2 days (2 walkthroughs of the place, and 1 for an interview) but they really havent told what i'll be doing, so I guess i'll be loading the pakage car but I guess I wont know till my first day.
  4. bleedinBROWN

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    You will probly start out unloading the feeder trailers. This whole company(IMO) is about numbers. My Sup. told me I had to avarage something like 830 packages per hour comeing off the trailer. Then after while they will move you to loading which you have to average like 600-700 packages per hour. In my hub each loader is responsible for 3-4 PC's to load. It is very fast paced and don't take what your sup. says to heart because they have numbers they have to meet and like they say **** rolls down hill. Don't be late and don't miss any work for at least the first six weeks. we start at 0445 and end by 0845. Your pay will roughly be around 150.00 a week. Now at my hub we have around 20 people on our preload shift so I am just speaking from my experiance. It will take 5+ years to be a driver so I wouldnt set your expectations to high on being a driver in the next few years. Like I said this is how it is where im at.
  5. humbleleon991

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    i see your located in georgia, which hub? ill be starting at the oakwood hub
  6. over9five

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    Why Do They Switch Them Around????

    I've had the same preloader for the 3 months I've been back in Package. He was awesome. The guy would catch stuff you would never expect anyone to catch. He actually read the PAL and the label and loaded stuff right.

    BUT....... Monday they switched them all around, and now I have a........ less proficient..... loader. I really hate searching for packages that are on the PC next to mine. I really hate searching Fl2 for that package and finding it later in Fl3.

    I want my old preloader back. Why do they switch them around?
  7. cosmo1

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    Re: Why Do They Switch Them Around????

    Because they can! Knowledge took a back seat with the advent of PAS/EDD. I go from the best loader (old school) to the worst (lucky if he hits the right truck, let alone the right shelf) every week. Welcome back to package.:surprised:
  8. FracusBrown

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    They bring people before they actually put in an application to let them see what the various jobs entail. They bring them in again before they are officially hired. They don't want people officially putting in an application if they are not going to be officially hired and they don't want people being officially hired if they are not going to actually show up.

    Guess why?
  9. dillweed

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    Our loaders don't like being moved around either. Most have regular spots but five or six of our newer employees are still being moved every few days.

    I'm old school preloader but their PAS is not flawless. Doesn't matter what those labels and printouts say - experirence with a route/driver means a whole lot.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    My loader is not old school but loads as though he is. He has the ability to organize the load, to move bulk stops around and to make sure the load is tight. He knows what stops he can also load the NDA with and those stops where he must load the NDA separately.

    It is true that with PAS it shouldn't matter who is loading the pkg car but we all know that is simply not true. There is no substitute for experience and a good preloader is invaluable. My regular loader easily saves me 30 minutes a day, if not a bit more. This is why I have no problem when I tip him $100 at Christmas.
  11. Raw

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    It`s the toughest job at UPS! I`m thankful I never had to do it!:happy-very:
  12. scratch

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    They just moved our Preloaders around too, and I got a new one. I have had her for two days now, and I am pleasantly surprised. No missorts and everything is lined up in the Sections right. My previous Preloader would have a missort just about everyday. I thanked her for the job she did and I also wrote "good job" in my DIAD at the end of the day in the Preload Communications field.
  13. upsgrunt

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    My new preloader has been peeling the PAL labels off the boxes and putting them on the side that faces out from the shelves. It makes a huge difference and I told him so. It is so much easier looking for a HIN number.
  14. UnsurePost

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    once your area gets the imprint/ scanner it'll be a different ballgame.
  15. 22.34life

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    Its gonna be hot ,hard and will be sweatty ,tired and thirsty.If your in not so good physical conditioning it will seem like your gonna die ,you will probably want to quit every other day.Now if your in decent shape it wont be so bad.wear loss fiting,light clothes and bring some kind of water thermos,dont know what part of the country you work in but down here in texas the heat is a real killer.
  16. newupsers88

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    You have to be able to take getting yelled it, long hours, getting sweety and dirty. Also BOHITCA is right on.
  17. moreluck

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    most guys love to get 'sweety' !! :wink2: