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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by KingofBrown, Mar 18, 2010.

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    hello, i'm a part time employee at UPS. I work in preload and sometimes at local sort. i've been working for seven years now. last night my immediate supervisor told me I had to cut my hair and that I needed to shave, too. and then my center supervisor told me the same thing. on the seven years working I've always been able to have my hair or beard as I would want, since I never work to attend customers or as a driver or nothing, i just handle packages. now, my question is: are part time employees, working inside the center, "with no contact with the outside world," required to shave or cut their hair? and what should I do next time my sup tells me to shave or cut my hair? thanks a lot.
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    You do not have to do any of that. Are there any co-workers that have visible tatoos? If so tell your sup to go bother them. Never heard that one before. Talk to your union steward. Sounds like B.S.

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    As far as I know they can only ask you to tie it up or back if it is a safety hazard. They can not make you cut it or shave. Make sure you tell your union steward about it. If it continues to happen ask your steward if you can file a harrasement grievance against the sup. Good luck.
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    Sound like profiling or harassment to me. File a grievance. I worked in a HUB for 10 years and saw every type of hair, beards, piercings, tats, whatever. As long as it is not a safety hazard. Start documenting everything as you may have a lawsuit pending if the jokers keep up the bull.
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    Thanks guys. I know it sounds like BS, but here at this center management does too much BS; the beard and hair is little compared to some other stuff they want to get away with. if they keep going i'll file a grievance for harrassment for sure. thanks a lot for your advice, it keeps me moving forward.
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    I gotta know.....

    How long is your hair and your beard? Is it so long that they're really concerned that it could get caught in moving belts or other equipment?
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    The New 3rd Reich oops I mean UPS. This is all BS. Probably has something to do with all the changes up top.The newly placed leaders are anxious to put their stamp on the work force. What the heck does hair have to do with productivity? A problem I will never have being follicly challanged. Make sure it is not a saftey issue and file a greivance.
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    Stewie, did you notice that CBS has a former 76er doing commentary for March Madness? Mike Gminiski was doing one of the 7pm games last night.
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    I remember the G man talking about Larry Bird quote: "Ugly is a big part of Larry's day"
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    Larry was not very pretty but his jump shot sure was.:wink2:
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    My beard is not long at all, if you'd look at it it would look like dirt, lol. My hair is not too long, I think, it's like 7 to 8 inches may be. I don't think it is a safety hazard.