Prestige Shipping? In regards to Amazon.

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    Don't mind ordering a lot from Amazon, seeing as we have the contract, or at least a large bulk of it. (Some comes SurePost). Was surprised when I ordered my nephew a gift. Was being shipped Prestige Shipping. Looked up there website.

    Looks like some low rent kind of deal. Though apparently they service a roughly 15 state area. Is this some arm of Fedex? Was at my sisters one when she had a package delivered. The driver was wearing a Fedex uniform, but was in some beater van with magnet liveries on it for some joe blow company. Is this part of the whole deal where independent contractors buy up routes?

    All in all, if this is going to become typical from Amazon, then I might choose differently in the future.
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    To be honest w you, ups makes more profit from smaller companies. I have heard that the discount to big companies isn't worth it.
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    Amazon uses everyone we get some of their service no clue if we get the bulk or not. They are pretty large company if u want most everything to come thru ups sign up
    For prime.
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    Amazon is pretty amazing,some days I have 30 Amazon pkgs,and they are from several locations.
    Everyone says...ALREADY?...they seem to have the logistics part down pat.
    I ordered a book and it came ups.But I see post and fedex amazon pkgs every day on doorsteps.
    They go with the cheapest in the area.Very efficient.
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    You will see more and more regional "carriers" moving freight for amazon...out west they use a service called ontrac, and we see almost no amazon ground anymore....only the air.I think in some cases amazon might be these carriers only customer.
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    i have a prime account and just got the package today and it came via the usps....