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    I am a casual and i was told to think about a job in management. I have a college degree which is why i am assuming they are offering me this position. My question, is it worth it? I mean come Dec26th i won't have any job so my question is do i take this if it is offered just to get into the company. Can management go back to driver position if wanted? What is management pay? How about benefits?

    Thank you.

    Only reason i shy away is because i heard my center manager degrade my sup one time and i don't know if i can handle that. I might tell my center manager to go @$@ himself but on the other hand maybe i can put up with it so i have a job.

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    The degradation is a daily occurence. I'm sure they asked you because you're a casual(no disrepect). The promotions in our area seem to be going to individuals who are not far from the the casual status. Any thoughts, Forum?
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    Maybe this is his special purpose.
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    We had a driver thinking about going into mgmt. he asked all the mgmt. in our building a couple in other building. They all told him the same thing dont do it.

    That said as a temp you dont have another job looking you in the face in 2 months. If you have no other option give it a shot.

    But you will be daily told you are the worst, you will get email's from up above telling you are worthless, I have seen some of the emails mgmt gets its amazing.

    I was on the safety commitee and I would hear the center manager telling his on road sup's how bad they are daily, if they didnt fix this that or the other thing they would be out of work. If you think UPS treats its drivers like something you scape of your shoes they treat mgmt. even worse.
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    Life is a journey with many different paths you can take.

    I think that most Union employees here are not the type of people who are willing to take chances. Don't go into UPS management if you are not willing to take chances. It is not a sure thing and in the new UPS probably not a long-term engagement unless you are able to advance up the chain of command. Working a UPS Management position is a bit like being a self-owner ... it's not for everyone. It is a tough job.

    It is a tough job where you are held accountable to get results by and through others. If that is not something you are comfortable with ... don't go into UPS management. if you are unable to detach your actions from your own personal beliefs. As I said, it is a tough job.

    You hear posters on here saying that UPS Management has no integrity and if if you are unable to detach your actions from your own personal beliefs, don't go into UPS Management. UPS hires management people to execute the decisions of the Board and Upper level management ... they really don't care what you think. As I said, it is a tough job.

    Other than that, it is much like an hourly at UPS - long hours, dedication and putting up with a lot of unnecessary crap.

    You have to make that decision based on what you know right now but I would advise you not to put too much weight on what you read on this forum ... don't ignore it either, just take it with a grain of salt.

    I would not pay any attention to what most Union employees say on here about what happens to UPS Management after they leave UPS - they don't die in 2 years, they don't go and work at McDonald ( although I know a couple who own their own McDonald's franchise), they don't get a divorce at a rate higher than the general population.
    Continuing along that same line of thought, former UPS Management people are held in high esteem and almost always get good jobs when they leave UPS. I know over 20 people who left UPS and they all are doing well and based on what I see and they tell me (again that grain of salt) they are happier and feel better about themselves after UPS. None of them want to come back. UPS Management is a tough job.

    One last bit of advise, talk to other UPS F/T Management and other drivers you know and you trust to be honest with you (not on Brown Cafe though).
    You should assume that the drivers on Brown Cafe do not have your best interests in mind. They are not in management, for whatever reason, and they will disparage UPS Management to make themselves feel better about themselves ... that is human nature.

    Now, for my own observations of you on Brown Cafe, you don't appear to have the temperament for UPS Management. You seem embittered and frustrated about the way things work at UPS. Only you know whether your previous posts are a reflection of your actual beliefs and approach to working in a huge Corporation like UPS or if you were simply blowing off steam. You will not be a happy camper if your previous posts reflect your true deep-seated feelings towards work.

    PS - As I have said many times, my favorite job at UPS was as a package car driver but I have to point out that I was much, much younger then and UPS was a much different place to work.
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    Hox are you management ?
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    Is the Pope a
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    Yes 30 years with United Parcel Service and 8 years with UPS and of that 38 more than 33 in management.
    I have been out of UPS Operations management since 1992. I work in a group that helps manage applications for our customers.
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    What about other non management jobs, like a sales guy or an account executive?What are those jobs like hoaxster? I thought about them after driving as well.Do account execs and sales jobs have the same grueling hours?
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    if you go into mgmt you will regret it.they treat mgmt even worse than the drivers, not to mention that you have no protection and can be terminated from the littlest thing. If you decide to go through with it.... save your money.
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    I would tell you my answer is a real big NO-SIRRRRYYYYY
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    Ah... It's a profit deal. Takes the pressure off. Get your weight guessed right here! Only a buck! Actual live weight guessing! Take a chance and win some crap!
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    once you discover how much your top employees are making and divide your weekly hours into your pay you'll realize why they offered you the job and none of the current employees took it. good luck.
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    oh, as hourlys complain about paying union dues, you'll be complaining about paying for your insurance while your hourlys won't. then you'll need to be sticking some of that paycheck in a 401(k) going broke while your broker gets a new boat, and you won't have a retirement plan, because after 5 or 6 years of abuse you'll realize that it's time to move on and let some new college graduate make the same mistake you did. but, your resume will look good that you slaved away for those years.
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    I don't have a degree in anything but I've gotten one or two of those letters.:dont_know:
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    Indecision, I think Hoaxster gave some good advice... but I believe some of what he said is accurate for his/her generation of UPS management. The restrictions on new management and lack of opportunities in this present day structure makes it pretty tough to survive. But UPS needs good management too. If you think you can handle a very difficult position...go for it. I'm not in management but some of the best (and worst) people I know are. Good luck.
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    I don't have a degree and they pursued me for years. I think my ability to make grown men cry might have had something to do with it.
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    Explain please.
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    It's more of a show me, please. It's a full production.