Progressive, Liberal, Feminist Icon Naomi Wolf Defends Tea Party Movement

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Mar 31, 2010.

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    No I'm not kidding! The Duocracy of the Demonrat and Rube-A-Con parties which are in truth the same thing should rightly fear this ever growing alliance between elements that were once called left and right. It seems clear now that the old right/left alliance of the Wilson and FDR days is emerging from it's long deep sleep and could very well erode some if not a lot of the past hardcore base that was more principle driven even though misplacing those ideals in party politics.

    What may begin to wear even more is when voices like Daniel Ellesberg who recently on Democracy Now sez "President Obama is deceiving the American People" followed by another liberal icon herself Amy Goodman at the progressive website TruthDig re-enforcing Ellesberg's comments.

    Some days, becoming more and more as time passes, the progressive website Counterpunch will have so many negative Obama/Democrat party articles, you might think you've jumped the space/time continum and landed in a alternate reverse universe. Oh they still get their Red State licks in, often from so-called red staters (albeit fading away ones) themselves but the Blue Man Group is getting a lot of negative face time these days.

    In October 2008', Lew Rockwell did a podcast interview with Naomi which was a pure sensation across the liberty loving net. It wasn't an interview as much as it was a dialog and conversation on ideas and thoughts across what many believe was a divide. Turns out that divide was one created in our minds and not a true barrier after all.

    The duocracy hopes to vamp up the fear factor with the so-called militia movement but looking over the photos below of the all powerful Hutaree leader's Command Headquarters, I'm left to ask, "How will the Hutaree bring done the all might US gov't? Bury them in trash and utter junk?

    I also find it interesting even in some so-called liberal circles where real questions are arising of this Hutaree thing being a type of false flag operation. I'm just not convinced that Barney Fife and Gomer Pyle couldn't take these guys down. When I heard the word Hutaree, I immediately thought of the classic Andy Griffth episode where Gomer used his secret signal to Barney, "Hoo-Dee-Hoo" "Hoo-Dee-Hoo"

    Listen! Listen! I 'm hearing music!

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    NW says;
    "The Tea Party is not monolithic. There is a battle between people who care about liberty and the Constitution and the Republican Establishment who is trying to take ownership of it and redirect it for its own purposes."

    Unfortunately, the Rep Establishmnet is winning ownership big time with their mega-Tea Party sponsors and CEO of the Republicans Party, Fox News...They are as far away a grassroot movement than their spokespeople say...

    I think Wolf is saying that the tea bag movement is legitimate in a way that it is not. They are more closely tied to national socialism than any movement at present getting press. Their use of Obama as a "fasicism" focal point, IMO, has more to do with how they are trying to detract from their own tendencies there. These folks support torture, support goverment surveillance, support fear mongering, support racism, hate the poor, don't want others to have health care, think they take care of the rest of the slackers who don't work as hard as they do -- why not? -- because they don't make as much money!
    Sad to see Naomi going down this naive path; "yes, we can reason with each other."
    No Naomi, you can't reason with these folks. It's the same old, same old. It's like trying to reason with Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, or Sean Hannity!
    I guess it's whatever sells books....JMHO
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    Newsweek and Liberal media bias. You do know that he media is bias to the left or is the Kool-aid still flowing freely thru your veins?

    The left must be getting scared of the Tea Party because the nasty lies and attacks are comming even at the Black tea party sad. I hope this and Odram's arrogrant comments keeps up since it will only make the Tea Party stronger.
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    Im my opinion the Tea Party is doing more damage then anything else to the GOP.
    Voters will not want to connect with them, and therfor vote otherwise.
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    So explain why they are doing damage to the GOP...and why wont voters connect with the Tea your opinion of course...
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    You say like digusted....
    And, please, show some evidense of lies and nasty attacks at the tiny morsel ranks of minorities in the Tea Party ranks. Are they getting spit on, called racial names, nasty faxes and voice mails, death threats, bricks thrown thru their windows, coffins on their lawn. I'm sure they feel welcome at rally's with Confedrate flags as well...

    Easy.....the verbage, the signage, the spitting, the kicking and screaming, the spewing of lies and mis-information, the hypocracy, the leadership, or lack their of (unless you call Right Wing think Tanks, Beck, Rush, Palin, Bachman, Hannity your leaders), throwing around and not understanding the definition of the words Socialism, Communism, and Fascism...
    Now let me preface this by saying the Obama Adm is not perfect, and are guilty of extending some of the Bush/Cheney policies as well. And that's what the Tea Partiers are ignoring.
    The Original Tea Partiers were all about taxation w/o representation, fiscal responsibility, non-interventionist, abide the Constitution....the GOP based mocked the likes of the Ron Paul's of the world during the last election cycle who stood for this.....Along comes the likes of Glenn Beck, Fox News, and other Hard line Right Wing Evangelical Neo-Con sponsors all who championed the Bush/Cheney years guilty of all the above, start spreading their cancer within the Tea Party ranks without resistence. I thought the Dem's in Washington were spineless. I call out the original Tea Partiers as the ultimate spineless bunch of cowards for not standing up for what you truly believe in, and welcoming card carrying GOP defenders of the last 30 years of Rep rule...
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    The spitting incident was made up. Why didn't Pelosi and her gang walk through the tunnels to get to their vote?? Could it be they wanted to cause a scene? I notice you don't mention the flag burning taking place by the left at a smaller gathering away from the tea partiers.
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    I'm confused I think. Are you canadian? living in canada? If so how can you honestly have any idea what voters in the United States think?

    I couldn't begin to tell you what canadians think of their political system or what they would vote for. How would you have any idea what americans think?
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    ho down in Reno , Nevada would be
    could be a tea party lets go see
    Lots of confederate flags flying in the breeze
    white power say the signs in a bigoted tease

    cowboys and rednecks in rusty pick up trucks
    nazi's and militants in cami's and rucks
    heehaws and yeehaws heard everywhere
    banjo's and guitars fill up the air

    A few nuts and fruits do fill up the crowd
    chanting wildly and giggling aloud
    wild eyed and slobbering they cackle all day
    occasionally the cops have to take them away

    a group of crazies , bigots and the strange
    partying away ahome on the range
    and who may you ask this wild group would lead
    why none other then the great Harry Reid.
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    He said opinion.

    Opinion means what it means - of no substance; a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty.
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    Originally Posted by Blizzard
    I'm confused I think. Are you canadian? living in canada? If so how can you honestly have any idea what voters in the United States think?

    I couldn't begin to tell you what canadians think of their political system or what they would vote for. How would you have any idea what americans think?
    Well, you don't have 300+ (give or take 30) relatives in Canada, do you ? I have that many living in the States. Actually, minus 1 since Tuesday (my Aunt Ria past away on Tuesday in Arizona).
    We had a huge family re-union about 20 years ago, in northern California. Over 200 of us attended it.
    I also travelled thru or visited atleast 30 States, from Alaska to Keywest, Wisconsin to California, Las vegas to Mt Rushmore, etc. Seen the Grand Canyon, drove thru Death Valley, Redwoods, Yellowstone park, Lions park (Utah), and Salt Lake City. Concert and Hockey Playoff-games in Anaheim and LA. From famous Santa Monica Beach, to famous South Maimi Beach.
    And many more places, that I can't mention them all.
    How many provinces have you been to in Canada ?

    I also just recently spent 10 weeks in Florida. Been to bars, beaches, resorts and timeshares. Spent time with relatives, esspecially a huge US Thanks-giving meal, with about a dozen attending it.
    I even have a Californian Sherrif as a cousin, in Mendocino County.

    I can't keep in touch with all of them, ofcourse. But, some are on my facebook, others on my yahoo messenger, and some I just call now and then.
    In contrast, our family in Canada (first generation), only has about 12 members in total.

    I get a larger selection of opinions thru my realtives, personal chats with stangers in the US, then I'll ever do on here.
    The subject healthcare alone came up, as soon as people knew I was Canadian.

    So, yes, I do have some good knowledge what people think there.
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    would that be 80% proof......:happy-very:
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    Sorry but I work for a living. I have never little time to be wildly traveling about the world and bragging about it.
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    And you are right Hoaxster.
    Any person that invests funds into mutual funds or stocks, makes up his own opinion. Unless , they are dumm enough to follow the flow.
    I personally would never purchase companies that have a huge pension liabilty.
    Just recently we seen companies stocks tank, (Chrysler, GM, Ford, Nortel, and many more), due much for that single reason.

    But, that's my Opinion.
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    You think I never worked on those vacations ? Every single one I did.
    Every company gives you vacation time !
    Some use it, to actually go on vacation.

    I did mini getways, to LA twice. Long weekend. Left Friday after work, came back Monday.
    They have great last minute seat sales now and then. Like right now. Direct flight Edmonton - San Fransico $72 each way.

    Besides, we have an airmiles program here ( Where you get free airmiles just by grocery shopping, getting gas, banking, using a credit card, even my home and auto insurance gives me free airmiles every month. And many other ways to earn. Lots of stores, restaurants, etc , gives you airmiles, too.
    I was just shy of 10.000 airmiles earned last year.
    To comparison : The flight to Florida costed me 2250 airmiles return, and thats 9 hrs flight time.
    My all inclusive week to Mexico is costing me about 6000 airmiles.