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    Ok, so i have worked at UPS on the preload for 6 months. I started with the idea that its a great company to work for, which is honestly hard to find these days. When hired, i was told about a possible loss prevention opening, and seeing as how through college i was a loss prevention manager for 5 years, and now work full time in Corporate Security for a bank, i might have some considerations... Well nothing ever came of that... but yet i still stay for the benifits for me, my wife and three kids... So, my point is, there are plenty of hard working people on the preload, that come in everyday, and break there necks, hoping to get a shot at a real job within UPS, but nothing ever comes up.. Well today this new guy just shows up, dressed up, pushing a pen with the sups... I go on a job website and find UPS has posted a job for a sales postion in downtown orlando.. of course, no one gets this information... I dont know, i am about done with UPS. Like i said, i am one doing it for the benefits, and yes a chance for a career with an established company, which today in the corporate world with layoffs, job cuts and the economy the way it is, is very very hard to find... I might be alone, but i had to vent..its just frustrating to see so many people working so hard for this company, that are not really getting the chance to fully advance within the company
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    Have you told your full time sup or manager of your desire to get a full time management position at UPS?

    If not, you may want to prepare a resume with your experience as you noted above, along with any college degree you may have, and submit a letter of intent to Human Resources.

    Every district has different staffing needs, and it looks like you would be well suited for a Security postion. However, you may want to be flexible, and not limit yourself to one department at UPS.

    Good luck
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    I don't belive the jobs you are mentioning are Union Jobs and not something to bid on...

    You should be able to check - check job search "PROFESSIONAL" and find the non Union Jobs that anyone can walk in off the street and get...
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    In order to be considered for the management jobs you mentioned (sales and LP), you have to submit your letter of interest once a year and go through the MAPP process. A word of caution, neither of those jobs is glorious. With LP, you will work long crazy days (and nights too) and may be required to travel to multiple buildings. In sales you will most likely be out on the road all day visiting customers trying to make your sales goals. Both jobs are pretty high on the stress meter.
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    It seems like the good BD people always find something better and move on!
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    I was told a lot of opportunities would open up when I first started, and the last day I worked was 26 December 07. I still await the calls for work and will report if asked because of the compensation package. I work other jobs and it is the same with less compensation so I hang in there.
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    LP is brutal unless you like being on call 24/7 and having zero life. sure, if you have nothing going for yourself outside of UPS, put your letter in for a corporate job! If you have a wife and kids and a valuable hobby or skill, you're basically giving your life away...
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    I know how you feel and I have had employees express the same feelings with me. However, if you have no completed the MAPP process, you have not taken in steps in being officially considered for another postion.
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    Here where I work during the day the saying is "For the good of the Division" when they select an outsider, but I have to respect their decision as I work for them.
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    what they really mean is "for the good of the Division...........................manager:happy2: