Propane fueled P-57's

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  1. jds4lunch

    jds4lunch What the hell is YOUPS??

    Does anyone else drive these things? I'll admit that on a warm summer day it's a pretty sweet truck to ride around in, but today it was rainy and cold (12 celcius) and as I was on the way back to the centre at the end of the day the truck died due to the propane condensing inside the tank because of the cold weather. Now if these trucks can't make a full day on 3/4 tank of propane when its 12 degrees, they're going to be a huge pain the butt come January when it's -40 here. Anyone else out there drive these things in cold weather? If so, what are they like?
  2. DS

    DS Fenderbender sounds to me that your mechanic is new to how to tune a propane vehicle.In toronto,all the p800's were converted years ago,and it gets damn hot in the summer and damn cold in the winter and the worst thing that ever happens (other than running out)with propane is they run really rough,or smell bad if the mixture is out of whack.Most of our cars are propane p5' p6' p'7 .We have lots of p1000'still using diesel that cannot be converted.There should be no condensation in the tank no matter the temperature.I hate my 1984 p800,but I like propane,and best of all the fuel gage is really accurate.With over 350+ trucks to fuel up every night,they often miss a few and its easy to do yourself.
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    jds4lunch What the hell is YOUPS??

    DS, did they put those heating blankets over the tanks on your propane cars? Here they elected not to. Our mechanic said he talked to the mechanics from down east and they told him that since propane is a gas it condenses when the temperature drops. Thus, the cars need to be filled on a daily basis when its cold out. I'm not and expert on the subject, but this is just whatI was told. Since it gets just as cold, if not colder, in the winter here in Saskatchewan as it does in Toronto, does this mean that drivers are going to have to re-fuel thier cars more than once a day when the temperature drops below zero?
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    My car needs to be refueled every day so this is never a problem.
    Im no mechanic either but I can't see how water vapour can get inside
    a propane tank thats basically hermetically sealed.
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    jds4lunch What the hell is YOUPS??

    Its not water vapour, the propane gas itself condenses into a liquid, which cannot be used by the engine.
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    propane is never a 100% dry, theres always some sort of moisture content in it and when you start running lets say 3/4 tank the ratio of water to propane increases throwing off the engine....the same thing happens in gasoline engine, except the thing that generally happens with gas engines is the gas lines freeze

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    I'm in a new propone p-57. I've had it only a few wks.

    I'm also really worried about the Alberta -30 winters. The rumor at our center is that the p-57 just won't run in the cold...

    I was driving a propane p-500. Had it all winter without any issues. Not sure why the P-57 wouldn't be ok. The only answer I've rcvd is that they are different.

    Not looking forward to our first cold snap...
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    In Canada, all of p57 propane package cars been added the warming blankets.. or they are in the process of being added to them.
    it merely keeps the propane warm enough to be in vapour state, which the engine uses. if its in the liquid state it is too rich. basically engine wont run.
    propane in liquid state is around -44F or -42C.
    propane, from liquid to vapour expands to 270 times.
    Its all about the propane being in the proper state and air to fuel ratio. Nothing to do with refilling at 3/4 of a tank or tune up. At this point because these are brand new cars which been converted to propane.
    The difference with p500 and p800 being okay.. is because of this design in the system.. where propane is in vapour and usable state.
    P57's design did not consider being under -42C, or having additional warmers. P57s propane were never tested in Canadian colder climates. But with these blankets , they have corrected the problem.