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    This afternoon as I was punching out, I saw one of our FO drivers read one of our more "notable" managers the riot act for lying to him! This manager is renowned in our station for not being forthright at all times. The funniest part was, he didn't have the "cojones" (thanks to come and talk to the driver, he sent another manager to do it!

    I asked the courier what happened and he told me that this morning before FO's he was asked to help with "some" P2's, operative word "some", he came back to 50 stops, so he told the world's greatest manager that he couldn't take it all because he had class at noon. Long story short, he was promised help that never arrived. His argument was this, when he makes an arrangement with them, or anyone else for that matter, he is expected to hold up his end of the bargain. Why is management not expected to do the same? If he doesn't follow through, he is punished, what is the repercussion for management for their gross neglect of his time?

    We all know the answer to this...BZ for managment!
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    A lying manager? God, how rare is that? Kind of like being abducted by aliens rare.
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    Haha im sensing a bit of sarcasm MFE...
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    You gotta love those managers. One of ours is notorious for swindling the newer hires.. he can only get those guys because they don't know any better.. yet.

    What happens is he'll call one while they are on their FO rte and ask them to help in a certain area, a handful of stops. So the courier says sure no biggie. When he gets to the station it is indeed a handful of stops... that each courier in that area has dropped. So instead of 5-10 stops like the courier was anticipating it's turned into 30 stops. And at that point that courier just got.. got.
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    Just a small amount.