PSE TTO aka postal support employee tractor trailer operator

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  1. What a fine institution I have found to work for. The United States postal Service.
    In my opinion as far as moving small parcels the United States postal Service was the first organization to be an expert in this endeavor.

    Then someone infiltrated the United States postal Service and learned the process and this person or persons took their newly learned expertise that was stolen from the United States postal Service and started a similar delivery service called United Parcel Service.

    Then came along a new player with new and grand ideas and I believe that person or persons gained their procedure in expertise by absconding it from United Parcel Service. That new player thought of a grand and exciting moniker for their new organization and relied upon the first name of "Federal" again stealing part of our founding fathers parcel delivery's name or moniker.
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    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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    Careful ever taking a PSE job with USPS. The union fought to get rid of them last contract and for the most part succeeded but they can still hire them for “new work”. It’s like being a seasonal at ups as in it isn’t a career employee, time doesn’t count towards pension and you can’t take Federal benefits.

    You’ll do time as a PSE and then they’ll either cut you loose or you get lucky and get a part time flexible (PTF) spot. PTF is better than a UPS seasonal in that you know your schedule a week in advance but they’ll still bounce your times around. You also are now a career employee so you get benefits and pension, the part time thing is a joke because most places will work the hell out of you.

    Depending on your location you’ll be a ptf for 6 months to 2+years and than you’ll be converted to a full time regular and can bid runs. Congratulations, now you just ride it out to retirement. That’s pretty much it.
  8. Thank you Mack37, very informative post that will help me in my decision making whether to stay with the United States Postal Service or accept my job offer from United Parcel Service. Again many thanks.
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    I’d hang in there, contract is currently in arbitration. Last contract time all the PSE’s got converted to career so it may happen again.