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    hey, i have worked with ups as a seasonal preloader and driver helper this past holiday season and really loved the job atmosphere. i am 12 hours short of my bachelors degree and plan on finishing this summer maybe fall at the latest. i am interested in becoming a pt supervisor, but am i qualified to apply directly into that position. do i need to finish my degree first? do i need to work longer as a loader?


    Let me tell you something, and I am not saying this because I am bitter, UPS helped me financially through some tough times, but after a few years as a PT Supervisor I speak from experience, right now they are cutting management jobs, being a pt supervisor is the most unappreciative position you can have, finish school and use your degree with another company, ups will tear you apart emotionally and mentally, it is great pay but with a high cost, family time, dignity and self respect, my sincere advice to you is dont go in to management at UPS it is the work of the Devil and alot of good people will pay because of it.
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    If you want to quit the Teamster union I will be the first to say " I told you so" when you figure out what a big mistake you made.
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    DON'T DO IT!!!! As a PTer currently I would recommend this position to nobody.....Except mybe my future mother-in-law! LOL! Blackball hit the nail on the head!
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    PT supes seem to be stuck in limbo. Can't go driving, can't go back to pt union. Used to get profit sharing but no more. This is probably the worst place to be if you plan on being at UPS more than a couple years.