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    Do I understand correctly that any PT'er hired prior to August 1, 2008 does not have to wait the 12 - 18 months for benefits? I do not have a copy of any contract - but read what I could of the new contract @ IBT website. Thanks in advance for any info...
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    Article 34
    Health & Welfare and Pension

    Section 2—Part-Time Medical Coverage
    Part time employees covered by a Teamster Health and Welfare Fund will continue to be covered by those funds.

    (a) Notwithstanding Section 1(d) above, effective January 1, 2008 health and welfare coverage for all part-time employees on the payroll at that time and those hired thereafter will be provided pursuant to the terms of an Employer sponsored nationwide health care plan, namely, the UPS National Health Plan for Part-Time Employees. (A copy of the Summary Plan Description will be provided.) Features of the plan will include a prescription card. This paragraph shall supersede any provisions on the same subject in any Supplement, Rider, or Addendum, including those Supplemental provisions which require part-time benefits to be equal to or the same as full-time medical benefits.

    (b) Notwithstanding Section 1(d) above or any contrary provision in any Supplement, Rider, or Addendum, (i) individual health coverage will be made available to part-time employees hired after August 1, 2008 after twelve (12) months of active employment and (ii) spousal or dependant coverage will be made available to these part-time employeeseighteen (18) months after their initial date of employment.
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    Ok... so I was reading it correctly. As long as my hire date is prior to Aug 1, 08... then I'm covered.
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    yes so long as your not a temp Xmas hire.