PT'ers 1st Time Union Dues

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Muttley45, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Muttley45

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    Union rep n/a this week; hopefully someone here can explain...prior paycheck showed my first $22 deduction for "union dues" (and corresponding $22 in ytd column). Makes sense, right. Then I get current (next) paycheck and there is a $25 deduction for "init fee" and nothing under ytd column. No "union dues" deduction from this paycheck. I thought that maybe "init fee" was a union initiation fee, but then you would think that 1) it would have been the first (original) deduction made, and 2) that either way, the current ytd would have shown $47 ($25 + $22). Any ideas?? Thanks in adavnce.
  2. brownboxtosser

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    Depends On Your Start Date... If You Start At The Begining Of The Month They Will Take Out The Union Fee But Not Init. Dues Til The Following Paycheck, And Some Times They Will Take Both The 25 And The 22.
  3. Muttley45

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    ok, makes sense...thanx man! shouldn't they add it though to prior amt for a total ytd of $47 (if it really all union dues)??
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    I just got done with the initiation fee. They deducted $25.00 every week except for the monthly $22.00 dues then the $25.00 continued for the next few weeks until dues were deducted again. Never both at the same time so it drags it out nearly 5 months until the initiation fee is paid up
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    You are paying dues... GREAT!!! Now attened the meetings....
  6. Brock

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    I have a question, i just got my first paycheck and i see no initiation fees or dues deducted although i was told that would be the case for the first five weeks. When are these paid and when will i see them being deducted from my paycheck?