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    I was quite surprised not to find any postings on QPR but I am sure that since I am a newbie to the BrownCafe I must not have performed the correct search. That said, now for my ramblings...

    I have worked in management for long enough to know that the new QPR system is a joke. Why do I call it a joke? Well, for years I scored well using the older evaluation methodologies. I can't recall the acronyms anymore. Now, as many, I score just below a 1. Well maybe all of a sudden I am a low performer right? It happens, some people get to a point in life where work is not as important or life changes and the work ethic changes. Ofcourse, not true for me but that's not important. My only position on this is to say that through out my career I was always a performer scoring over 4 and below 5.3, which is why I grew up the ranks. There was a time that the score was both subjective and partially artificial, but now they are completely artificial. I know this because I rated my own team and spent some time considering their scores and had good reasoning (although subjective) for each score. Needless to say I scored them over 1 as I felt they were doing more than an average job. However, senior management reviewed and asked me to change their scores but did not have an explanation. I am their direct reporting manager. If Jim Casey ever knew what has become of his company and how his people are treated. What a shame!
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    The crux of the apparent integrity issue here is the insistence that all people within a report group be placed on a Bell curve which means that the bottom 49% are less than 1.0 or acceptable.
    BTW ... they are not people . They are resources or head count or chairs. It helps when you think of them that way. :wink2:
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    QPR or Agent Orange exists for one reason; to hit you over the head with it whenever "senior management" wants to. It's a tool somewhat akin to a cattle prod. Who the heck is senior management anyway and how did they get there? And did their boss fill out a QPR on them? Of course not. Hell, one of my managers had me fill out my own Agent Orange. I don't think JXS even knew that QPR existed. And then there is the form, the name of which I have thankfully forgotten, where my staff had to account for every minute of their time each and every week. That is an attempt to totally control the employees and is pretty much the opposite of good, solid management.. Everyone hated it. And on and on, and on ...