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    Hi I am coming on as a seasonal driver. Do any drivers bring gps units with them? Will I work Christmas day?

    I am looking forward to working at UPS as I am coming from a no pay, go-nowhere job. Hoping to get hired on FT but will have to wait and see

  2. MR_Vengeance

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    no GPS, you use your brain power to remember the names of the streets. get a Mapbook for your area. you get xmas day off, you might have to work on the 23rd of dec (saturday NDA 2nd days) optional.
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    If your center has EDD you won't need a map or GPS. Your DIAD board will tell you exactley what stop to do next. If you read some of the previous months threads on this forum you will find there are pluses and minuses to the system. A big plus being that for a rookie driver you won't have to guess what order would be best to deliver in.
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    Be prepared for the FedEx driver to ask you for directions. Happens to me on a weekly basis...:ohmy: