Quebec road trip

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    How I spent my summer vacation by DS.
    We decided to be frugal again this year and capitalize on our desire to see places that we can visit by car.We went to Nova Scotia last year and found the trip to be both inspiring and invigorating.
    For a lot of folks being in a car 6-8 hours a day would be a bit much,but my wife and I travel well together and both love relaxing and taking in the scenery.We drove from home near Toronto and spent the first night in a motel in Trois Rivieres, then on to Ste. Catherine,where you drive on to a big ferry with a few tractor trailers and a lot of other cars.The boat takes you across the Saguenay river to the historic town of Tadoussac.
    We were unable to find accomodation there so we drove another hour and stayed in Chicoutimi for the night.
    The next morning we drove back on a twisty turny road with gorgeous views, untouched rivers and about nine hundred million trees.After securing lodging for the night,we booked a 3 hour tour(no, not the S.S.minnow) to go out in the St.Lawrence seaway to go whale watching.It was quite humbling to watch as a blue whale surfaced and shot water about 20 feet up from its blowholes.It was hard to get a good photo because it happens so fast.We ended up seeing 3 or 4 more before heading back towards land.We would've loved to stay at the hotel Tadoussac which was established around 1640 and was a favorite vacation spot for a few well to do Americans in the early 1800's,but it was a tad pricey for us.
    The next day we stayed in Alma Quebec,and took the drive around Lac Ste Jean,which is a huge salt water lake fed by the Saguenay river.The following morning we started to make our way home passing several small towns and villages with houses that reminded me of New Orleans and spent the last night in a place called Alfred.
    The rest of the trip was quite peaceful except for the bumblebee that found its way into our car and stung me on the wrist.It was a week we won't soon forget.I was getting good at asking for une cafe moyen avec une creme et une sucre est une chocolate chaud.All in all we had a whale of a time.
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    Good to have you back, DS!

    Did you have to drive the whole time or do you take turns?
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    WB DS. Hope you had a great vacation.:happy-very:
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    I was getting good at asking for une cafe moyen avec une creme et une sucre est une chocolate chaud.

    Tell me if I am right. Medium coffee with one cream and one sugar and a chocolate milk.

    It sounds like you had a good vacation. You were about an hour away from me. My daughter once played a hockey game in Three Rivers. It is a beautiful part of Canada.
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    It sounds like you had a great time. I like vacations like that, just drive around and take your time enjoying the sights. You get to see a lot of things most people miss.
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    You speak, at least, a little French?!?!?!?!?! That's good :wink2::peaceful:
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    Parlez vous Francais?
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    over9,I drove all the way...ooky squeeked a few times,actually she stopped me from going through a stop sign once:dissapointed:
    upstate, right on except chaud means hot!
    Yes it is very scenic...
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    Sounds great DS, especially the whales!
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    Here's the boat to Tadoussac,our little blue toyota yaris is at the bottom of the photo.

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    Nice photo DS. It looks almost like it's illustrated. :happy2:
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    Cool pics DS. Glad you had such a great vacation. Post more pics please. I'd like to show my hubby. We would like a trip up there I think.
  13. DS

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    between Tadoussac and Chicoutami

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    C'mon Dizzee, I really need to see that whale jumping in the river!
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    I'm just PAD (posting as directed).
  16. over9five

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    The humpback in the stream is great! Nice job, Dizzee!