Question about Seasonal Package Handler Hiring Process

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    Hi, I have been researching about UPS for a while now and I finally got the opportunity to get my foot in the door possibly, but the job is seasonal as a part time package handler. I went for a tour the other day and now have an interview coming up. I was told if we showed up everyday and was not late and worked hard that our chances of being called back were high at the beginning of the year.

    But my biggest question was we were told that we had to fill out all our info like W-4's and set up direct deposit and everything on the day of the interview. Does this sound normal? Or does it mean I am going to get the job?
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    Your most likely going to a get a seasonal job. Getting called back after the first depends on if they need people.
  3. allthasnsrtaken2

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    I understand that it is seasonal and all but it is getting my foot in the door for a possible permanent position. The way they were talking to us is they were hiring on a weekly basis and the amount of people hired varied from week to week depending on the amount of people they needed. So even though I am filling out all this paperwork, I still may not get the job until later on? Like if I had the interview today, I may not get to work until next week or maybe even a month later?

    From what I have been reading, I hear I am more opted to get hired by working the midnight shift? Is this true or once again just depends on the staff needs?
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    Read more and post less.

    If you click down a page or 2, you should find several others that asked the same question.
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    I was able to get hired on more quickly by volunteering for the night sort.
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    Well just to give an update. I had my interview and well I did not get the job. He said that they were where they pretty much needed to be at the time and they would keep me considered and gave me a business card and said call back and check with us to see if anything available. But pretty much said they could use driver helpers and basically offered me the position but with my current work schedule I cannot do it but said my schedule may be changing for the holiday season and said for me to call if my schedule did change and I could do the driver helper. If I look on the UPS website this location is not even got driver helpers listed, but he said he could use me in this area.

    Well later today I found out my work is going to be closed during the week basically Thanksgiving to Xmas, so now I have the opportunity to go for the driver helper position. SO I guess my questions are now, is it worth doing the driver helper? Do I have the same potential to get called back for a permanent position in the hub, the same as if I was already working in the hub?

  7. No you will NOT be retained if you are a Driver Helper. The most that will happen is that they will have you high on the priority list for next year's driver helper position if you do good.
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    If you truly want to stay on with the company, you'll need to start out as a package handler. You can always ask to become a driver helper once you've secured a permanent PT position anyway. Doesn't mean you'll get it, but if you show continued interest in working for the company, you're bound to get on with a driver eventually next peak season.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This is not necessarily true, although it is usually what happens. I have been able to get two of my helpers hired a few months after Peak.
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    Not what I wanted to hear. I have been interested in this company for some time now and finally got my opportunity to talk to them.

    Well that is a bit better news. Guess I can just talk to the HR and see what they tell me about this position. I guess the driver has to kind of be willing to try to get you on though?
  11. menotyou

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    If they are short staffed on preload and your driver gives you a good rep, you have an excellent chance of being kept on. Several of our pt cover drivers started as driver helpers. It all depends on the center. Don't forget about the twilight shift. Be polite, early, hard working and eager. Be nice to the OMS' as they have the center manager's ear(if you start from the building).
    Don't fret it, but make sure they understand you want this to turn into a career. They like that word.
  12. dilligaf

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    When I was still on preload, we had a new peak hire for preload. One morning, towards the end of peak our sup took us all up to Dennys for coffee after our shift was over. A thank you for all the hard work we had put in during peak. The sup told the aforementioned new hire that she would get to stay on after peak. Everyone there heard it. After peak was over the aforementioned new hire was let go. Ooooops. I guess the sups sups didn't agree with the sup. Grievances were filed and I think EEOC was brought in on this one. The aforementioned new hire is now a FT driver. :happy-very:
  13. dilligaf

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    The first time I worked for UPS was as a jumper. The following year, about 5 months later, I was hired as a PT preload. I had run into the driver that I jumped for one day and he told me they were hiring PT's. I applied and had to bug the crap out of HR for about a month but I got in. :happy2:
  14. Best thing I can tell you is work as hard as you can and don't miss a day or ask to leave early if you can help it. Ask the driver to put a word in for you inside.

    But don't be dismayed because sometimes, not always, there's an exception to the rules.
  15. menotyou

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    I was working at the park and another girl turned down a job here. I went home and applied everyday. I call Syracuse everyday. About 3 weeks later, I was in orientation.:happy2: