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    We are short staffed as usual. Management hired 3 new unloaders over a month ago. One of them is clearly lazy, and will be a bad employee. He tells me about his friends, and I went to HS with them and they are full blown heroin addicts. He banked about 20 working days toward the union, then management stopped calling him in for the morning shift for about 2 weeks.

    We had one guy quit the other day, and management HAD to call this guy back in to work. As we were on break having a smoke, we were talking about seniority, the lazy guy, a supervisor, and me. I asked the lazy guy how close he was to going union, and the sup told me that if you aren't called in for two weeks, you have to start you time over again. As she told me, she gave me this strange stare, as if saying "go along with it please".

    Is she right? Does his time start over?

    And if she isn't, what should I do? In most cases I would get behind and support an hourly employee over management any day, but what's best for UPS is not this guy having seniority.

    We also lost both of our stewards a few months ago, and I have nobody to run this past besides you guys.

    Thanks for your help
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    A lot of this is handled in your supplemental agreement, but for the most part, you only need 60 working days out of 90 calendar days and your seniority date will be your first non-orientation working day. Orientation/classroom time usually do not count towards seniority nor does time worked during peak a seasonal employee, but every supplement is different and it might depend on your area.
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    Yeah this is very different from our agreement, we are only required to bank 30 working days, and as we turn in the paperwork on the 31st day, we are on day 1 of our seniority date. It sounds like its going to be 30 working days out of so many calendar days.
  4. Ours is 70 working days or 6 months. While possible, I doubt what that supervisor said is accurate. Follow what Piedmont said and if you can't find it in your supplements, call your local union and ask a business agent
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    We are 70 working shifts within 6 months, and orientation/class days counted for me.