question for canada upsers obout purolator.

Discussion in 'UPSers International' started by coldworld, Jul 8, 2007.

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    I came across this company online, it seems to be big in canada. How does it stack up to ups and fedex in size. I went to the company website and see that it services cross border shipments to the us, but have never seen any trucks for them here. But I do recall delivering a international pkg with their waybill on it. Any information would be great, I am just curious.
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    There used to be someone on here who kept saying Purolator would be buying UPS.

    Who was it, anyone remember?
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    purolator is number-1 in canada:crying: & no i dont work for them.
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    I'm going to quit buying their oil and air filters then.:closedeye
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    I thought you made coffee in those things......:wink:
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    "I'm going to quit buying their oil and air filters then."

    Me too. AND I'm gonna start using Fram to ship my packages.
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    Found those Purolator buying UPS threads. Took me a long time.....


    ....they were on..........


    From 2002 tho, good memory huh?
  8. DS

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    Heres the dope on Purolator.They are a subsidary of Canada post.
    UPS recently lost a lawsuit here over them subsidizing their courier
    services with the profits from mail delivery(or something like that}
    They have been around a long time in Canada and they undercut our (domestic) shipping rates to the point where we cant compete.
    They are trying to get into the US market by they cant touch us or fedex .They are generally worked to the bone like us.In fact they
    are usually on area bt 8:00 Am and are forced to take 2 -50 minute breaks to accomodate for late pickups...they are the first to show up
    at a new account with an up to date computer system with all the options.They do very well here.They have lots of hybrid pkg cars(I guess they are called trucks there)and they are always clean.
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    Being a subsidy of Canada Post, anytime you want to send something overnight through the post office it goes via Purolator. This makes things a little strange. Purolator, like UPS, cannot deliver to a P.O. Box, yet you are sending through the post office who does deliver to a Box number. In other words there is no overnight service to a PO box. REALLY SCREWY!
  10. DS

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    Its not that weird man,the driver does a specific area and
    he knows where to deliver the pkg because he goes there every day.
    He cares not about the postal code,but purolater has one crappy delivery attempt...then go pick it up...I had to go pick up my cable box because I was not home at 4PM...
  11. Dirty Savage

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    Yes, here in Canada Purolator is the Goliath to our timid little David, at least on the domestic side of things as they have no international presence. I love the fact that, on my route, there are three different Purolator guys servicing the same area. Here at my centre, we're so small that we actually rent space on Purolator's plane to shuttle our air mail. How lame is that? Lamer still is that we have to go to the Purolator building on Saturdays and grovel around to get our Saturday deliveries!

    Ugh, the part I hate about them the most is that their trucks come with built-in stereo systems. Yeah, that really burns me.
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    Heard the interior of a puralotor oil filter is perfect for shaping meatballs. :thumbup1:

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Ugh, the part I hate about them the most is that their trucks come with built-in stereo systems. Yeah, that really burns me.

    with 2 mandatory 50 min breaks I can understand why....
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    In 1985/6 I was on special assignment in Hong Kong to assist in UPS's international expansion in Asia. UPS aquired a local Hong Kong courier company that delivered international letters and small packages for PUROLATOR. When UPS aquired the local company, Purolator no longer had service to or from Hong Kong, UPS had now become the carrier for those packages.

    One day the couriers wore Purolator uniforms and the next day they wore the UPS browns. I was responsible for planning the new UPS Center's operating plan.

    The operation was unlike any operation I had ever seen at UPS. First of all, the couriers were dispatched twice a day. They would start work at 8:00 am, sort the morning deliveries whioch arrived during the night from various aircraft landing in Hong Kong. They would deliver their area and return to the Center with any morning pickups for lunch and wait for their afternoon dispatch, which would be arriving from the airport by 1:00pm, and be dispatched again for their afternoon deliveries and pickups.

    One other thing I forgot to mention is there were 23 couriers and only 3 vehickes(small vans). in this Center. 20 of the couriers used the subway to get to/from their area and walked off their deliveries and pickups. Naturally the vast majority of the deliveries and pickups were UPS letters and small packages.

    I spent 10 months working in Hong Kong, the most interesting 10 months I ever worked for UPS, including the 2 1/2 years i worked in France for UPS. Talk about eating strange food.....WOW!!!!
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    Vette...the French hate us, right??
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    Purolator is HUGE in Canada. They are like DHL, they are majority owned by Canada Post. They're a crown corporation.

    Therefore, they are WAY larger than FX and a bit bigger than UPS.

    They do cross border, but I believe their express international shipments are handled by the mail monopolies of each country.

    I don't know how their USA packages are delivered at destination. I am interested, hwever. I'll ask a friend who works for Puro about it.
  17. hoser

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    What are you talking about? Nothing is screwy here. USPS does the exact same thing with FedEx. Instead of a traffic airline, their express mail volume goes through a cargo airline that does a better job moving boxes. This helps fill up the open spaces of aircraft for FX or Puro.

    You ship something overnight via CanadaPost overnight, it goes to the CanadaPost depot, it's loaded into a ULD, driven out to the airport, put on a Puro aircraft instead of a westjet or air canada plane (while regular cargo goes through these airlines), it's offloaded, then fwded to the canadapost depot, therefore making it a CanadaPost delivery. Everything is CanadaPost here. And even like UPS, it gets to A and B through another company. Smart thing of CanadaPost however, is that THEY ARE THAT COMPANY.
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    30 Years ago Purolator was in Minnesota. For what ever reasons, they vanished from this area. Now everybody thinks they are a filter company.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I still can remember their slogan...."Pure Oil now or Pure Oil Later!"

    But Fram has the better one...."You can pay me now or pay me later!"

    Funny they would end with the same word....weird.
  20. jlphotog

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    Maybe I didn't explain myself well enough.

    My specific case, about four years ago, (before I even thought of working for UPS) I had to send some papers overnight to a PO BOX half way across the country. Since they were going to a PO Box, I sent them via Canada Post. So far makes sense, right?

    Unknown to me, they went via Purolator. The next day I got a phone call from Purolator asking for a street address for the recipient as they can not deliver to a Box #. I said I sent them through the post office just for this reason and that I don't have a street address for them. I was then told the package would be returned to me.

    A week later I got a bill from Purolator for the return shipping. So not only were the papers not delivered, costing me money, but Purolator wanted more money out of me. I told them to send the bill to Canada Post.