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  1. i have been working on preload for 1 month now. A normal days hours are 3-9. im making 9.50 an hour right now and 10.00 in 90 days. And if anyone could tell me is its 90 working days or 90 calendar days? i work about 28-30 hours a week, so when does overtime kick in, how much more an hour? thanks alot for your help.--brad
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    90 Calendar days in that instance.
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    Check with a union stewart. Here in Cda. it's 90 day worked & time and a half after 5 hours.
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    90 calendar days(just found my stub... LOL)

    Even before I reached $10, anything over 5 hours on the preload was rewarded time and a half. Time and a half is either 14.25(pre 90 days) or 15.00(after 90 days)

    In addition if you work a double shift ie, come in for the local sort, or something like that, those hours count towards OT for the day so say if you work 5 hours preload, then come in later in the day for 3 hours on the local sort or something those 3 hours are all OT.
  5. thanks guys, im gonna check my stub this friday, i work 6 a day, so ill see about that overtime.--brad
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    Im a steward at my building , and its TIME AND A HALF after 5 hours (part time worker). But, if you go over 8 hours, you go on a full time pay scale, and then the OT is cancelled, and then you get OT AFTER 8 hours, so make sure you punch out before 8 hours, and right all your hours down everyday on a time card or paper. Where are you from?}
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    <font color="000000">OT is only earned after 5 hours PER SHIFT. If you work preload 5.0 hrs and then come back in the afternoon and work 4 more hours that 4 hours will be straight time and not OT. The thing we are having trouble with here is how a cover driver is supposed to be paid for any extra work done inside after his/her route. For example: If I drive for 8 or more hours and upon arriving at the center am asked to work on my regular shift (which has already begun) should I continue to earn cover driver pay for those hours worked inside or can management adjust the timecard to the regular inside rate upon starting work in the building. </font>
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    it seems like it should be paid at cover driver rate. i volunteer to help on the sort lots of times if my ot is low that week and i always get paid my regular driver rate at ot rate that is
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    big arrowup I disagree, I have stubs showing a preload/reload OT but YMMV depending on your local, as for coverage then coming inside to work
    if you are a 22.3 position, the pay on those is wacky, each "job" you do has a different rate.
    I couldn't imagine trying to keep track of hours... LOL
  10. ok, checked pay stub this friday, nothing showing overtime pay. but what i just realized is that im still on my 30 day probation thing, if u count it as 30 works days not calendar. can anyone tell me if thats the reason?
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    Qualification in my area is 30 working days in a 90 calendar day period.