R.I.P. Paul Kantner

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by moreluck, Jan 29, 2016.

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    I tend to associate Paul Kantner with Jefferson Starship rather than Airplane.
    The "Blows Against the Empire" album, recorded with David Crosby and Jerry Garcia was Kantner's seminal work that defined Jefferson Starship.

    Hot Tuna was the band I really liked that came out of Jefferson Airplane.
    I've seen them thrice in the last year.
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    Did you eat at the Vortex being you were in the neighborhood? Always liked that Avatar! ;)

    We like going a little further down to Fox Bros. but take a loaded wallet.

    I like a lot of Airplane material but I also think BATE was the best work to come out of that era of the 60's to early 70's.
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    Ate at Vortex on Thursday.
    Fox Bros a couple weeks ago.
    About 35 miles from my house but on the way to Little Five Points.
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    We eat at both either when going to a show at Variety or a couple of times when my daughter's band played Star Bar. Good crowds but the access for gear really $UCK$!
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    I love Fox Brothers too, my favorite BBQ joint at the present. I wasn't impressed with the Vortex last time I was in there, they really jacked up prices on some of their items. My son live behind it, he is looking to move back to Midtown.