R.I.P. Rubin Hurricane Carter

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by moreluck, Apr 20, 2014.

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    Yeah it is a shame. We lost him and Emile Griffith within the last 2 years. Which is kind of ironic, cause they were both power punchers. Both guys went through a lot of personal tragedy. Griffith went through a lot with the death of Benny Paret in their fight in 1962, and Carter with the bs of him going to jail for that robbery he didn't have anything to do with. Carter kod Griffith in 1963 in the 1st round after Griffith and Paret fight. God bless these men and their in a better place now. Im a boxing historian, love the sweet science.
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    Made for a great song and a pretty good movie... no matter how fictional the details were. Guilty or not, the guy didn't get a fair trial at the beginning. He certainly succeeded in bringing a little attention to the racial inequalities in the American justice system.

    I have my doubts about his innocence, but at least he did some good for the wrongly convicted in his later years.