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    I'm beginning to think there is an alternative motive for the 22.4 idea. Can anyone else think of when a large underclass group of people are brought in to work for lower wages and we do this because we need to shore up social programs like social security?

    This seems like a way to bring in cheap workers to get more people paying into the pension program. The only other entities that still have pension programs are state and local governments and they are all on the verge of bankruptcy. Perhaps this is a scheme to shore up the pension program. I know the western region is funded in the green for now but how long will that hold when the avalanche of baby boomers retire. Then there are disaster regions like central states that are already in poor condition and they haven't experienced the baby boom yet.

    Perhaps an explanation of the projected pension status is in order. It may be in bad shape. That's is the only reason I can think of as to why the union agreed to this.
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    This has been discussed as one of several reasons the Union supports selling the unborn.
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    It's the pension issue and/or an obscene level of IBT leadership corruption.
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    The latter