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    Hi all, Im in desperate need of some help here. This may sound strange but please hear me out on this.

    I applied online for a mechanic position at the earth city MO location on June 6th(yesterday). A gentleman named Mike called me from UPS that night and we discussed the job and if I was still interested after what he had to say. I said I had to discuss the schedule with my wife first since it would be a night shift. We agreed that I would call him back today if I was interested.

    here is the problem. I can't remember his last name. The phone number he gave me 314-344-5662 has had a constant busy signal since 8 am today. I can't for the life of me find a way to contact a human being on the phone at earth city so I can reach the guy I spoke to. I really hate to lose this job because he thinks I didn't call him back.

    If anyone here can offer any help in some form or another I would be extremely grateful. My only other idea at this point is to drive out there during the day tomorrow and see if anyone will help me.
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    Find a UPS driver in that area and talk to him.
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    If it's any consolation I don't know the last names of either of our two mechanics.

    Keep calling--if you have a landline there should be a feature that will automatically dial the number for you and let you know when there is a connection. It may be well worth it to take a drive out there.
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    Upstate is right. Drive out right now and sit and wait til you meet your party. Will show they how interested you are. When I was interviewed, the Center Manager did it.